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  1. Like many of you, I have severely oily skin. Unlike my acne, my oily skin persists through all medications. Even after an accutane trial, my oily skin has returned. I've tried almost everything, and it is still the same. Within 3 hours of washing my face, my T Zone area is bright, and shiny, glistening with oil. Hopefully we can work together in this thread to bring up all possible methods of fighting stubborn oily skin! thanks.
  2. I have outrageously oily skin. I'm so greasy you can probably fry bacon on my forehead and cheeks if my face was hot enough. In all seriousness i have severely oily skin, even after 1 course of accutane, the oil came back in full force. So when i heard about Ketsugo, i got very excited. Supposedly you are suppose to apply to your face in the form of a gel or spray, and it is suppose to balance out the oil production on your face. If this is true, and not a gimmick, this could probably be the gr
  3. it was glorious. it was a dream come true. it was amazing. no acne. for a long long time. acne had been absent for so long in my life, that for a period of time i stopped facial cleansing all together. no washing, no watching what i eat, touching my face whenever and however i want, and not one single zit. Then, just this past week. BOOM!!!! 1 small zit sprouting here, 2 there, another 1 there, and all of a sudden, i look in the mirror, and i feel like im looking at the same guy standing in th
  4. Everyone says "The best times of my life was highschool" or they say "The best years of my life was college." Who else feels like these were some of the most troubled times of your life? Especially those of us who had acne. Upon adolescence, i was naturally a shy, sheltered kid, but to top it off, acne messed up my social life even more. Then, with college, it is just the same. Now don't get me wrong i have had some fun, fun, crazy, wild, nights during those years, but i still feel like they a
  5. I feel you so much. I am actually in college, and i feel like life is just passing me by and im sitting on the curb watching it float away. Don't get me wrong, i've had my share of fun nights, nights i won't remember, a few girls here and there that i've spent intimate minutes with, but i still feel like i have nothing to show for myself. I have never found true love. I have had a few relationships, however the longest one lasted about 3 months. I'm too much of a sheltered, living in my own b
  6. wow those pics with the skinny to bad ass are pretty inspiring. Do you have any good work out plans to start off with? Or better yet what are some good websites to get a good understanding on how to build? Honestly, all i want is maybe a body like bruce lee, not as cut and defined as him of course, but you know, not big and bulky like some weight lifters. ya i guess im going a little overkill with the bacne, i do see a lot of other guys with it. well i gotta go study for midterms, thank you al
  7. Thanks for all the helpful comments guys. I actually did go out last night, right after i made that post one girl i have sorta been talking to called me about going to a club. So i go right. Anyways i'm there and its dark so the settings for me anyways are on the uppity. Anyways i say what the hell and go up to the first girl i see dancing by herself and try to start dancing with her. This girl says "no no no". Im like WTF!? Are you serious!? Being as god damn sensitive i am, when i finally ge
  8. Do you ever worry that your acne and the pain and social discomfort that acne has caused you will never allow you to meet and fall in love with someone and get married? In my own situation, acne has made me socially retarted. I'm serious. I may not have as much acne as I once had, but the social damages still remain. Sometimes, i think people judge me by the way i look. My self confidence is crushed. Whenever i see a girl im interested, my first thoughts are "she probably thinks im repulsive."
  9. Throughout my entire life i only have 1 true friend. 1 true friend that will call me just to talk to me, about whatever. Everyone else are just casual friends. here i am on a saturday with nothing to do. nobody to call to hang out, nobody calling me to hang out. sitting in my room, feeling incarcerated. i might as well just go to prison, because all i do here is sit in my room all by myself, same thing. im going to college now and i just want to go out and do something, but i have no friends
  10. Im in an awkward situation. There is this girl who is a friend of a friend of mine......ya i know.....the whole mutual friend connection.... well you all know how that goes. well anyways, my friend tells me to go talk to this girl, because she thinks im cute and she was telling my friend to get me to talk to her. im a naturally shy guy, but usually in this situation, i would talk to her anywyas. but the thing is this girl is incredibly beautiful. im talking, not trying to sound vein, but she is
  11. I have been taking oral acne prescriptions for the past year or so. Last year i started with tetra, on to doxy, finally to mino, then about 4 months ago i got on accutane. ever since i started taking doxy/mino, my eyesight has gotten so much worse. i use to have almost 20/20 vision, just recently after taking these medication everything 10 feet away from me is blurry. ive had to go to the eye doctor, they prescribe glasses to me, but i didnt mention the acne medications to my optomotrist becau
  12. after reading your situation i say accutane would be the best possible treatment. i too, had severe oily skin. im talking walking out of the shower and an hour later having a pool of oil on my face. it was bad, embarassing. i also had hypo hydriosis, a sweating disorder on my face, which worsened the appearance. my acne was mild to moderate, mostly small zits, some big cysts occasionally. anyways, i got on accutane and within a month the oil was gone, my skin was actually dry. it was incredib
  13. its not a big deal at all. if you worry about it, think about it too much, you're never going to get it. just go out and live life, and if it happens, and it eventually will if you're a decent guy, with good intentions, and the slightest amount of humor, you will do fine. sex is overrated, dont get me wrong its great, but there is just way too much emphasis on it. my best is advice is have a few beers, loosen up, and open yourself up to a few girls. if you get shot down, fukk her and try the
  14. Are you one of those people who suffer from oily skin like me? I've always thought i had oily skin......well, i always knew that within about an hour of walking out of the shower, my face would be SHINY. i assumed it was OIL, and thats what caused my acne..... well i was WRONG. one correalation i made with the shinyness of my skin was that whenever i was stress, or had anxiety attacks...or feeling uncomfortable. ..or when it was extremely hot, my face would be shiny. so.... i took accutane,