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  1. Yes, I found Smoothbeam to be a lot less painful than IPL. Really not that bad at all, which of course means that it's not too strong.
  2. I just had a treatment from Dr. Finn in Durham, NC. Not that painful at all. The rep who was there had a nice glossy poster of people whose acne scars had substantial improvement. However, the word I get here and other boards is that Smoothbeam is hit or miss, and more miss in terms of acne scarring. (Just so you know.)
  3. Also, the real result won't become clear for a few weeks, when the skin has returned to normal.
  4. How does the nonablative plus subcision treatment work? A doc offered me a free smoothbeam treatment, given that the company is lending him a machine to try out. Do you do subcision first, then the laser a week later? Two weeks? Or before? Also, how powerful is this sucker? Can he screw it up if he's trying it for the first time, or is it a pretty standard setting?
  5. hey yall, I just had an appointment with a doc today about subcision. (Dr. Finn in Durham, NC). He said that for my scarring, which is very light and more rolling/roughness than identifiable pits, subcision doesn't work so well. He offered to subcise the more pronounced ones, however. So, is needling something that might work for light stuff? Or are there other alternatives that people have found that might do something? I have had IPL, but I think its bark was more than its bite. Or, can subc
  6. urscrewed, it would be for scar revision. Of course, it's for revision of a prior medical condition, so it seems that SOMEONE would be carrying it. But, sounds like no one does, so whatever.
  7. Does anyone know of an insurance carrier that will cover these surgical procedures? I'm about to switch carriers, and I thought I'd at least ask if anyone knew. I know it's not typical, but perhaps some sane company offers it?? Yall have a real nice day now. 8)
  8. I just called around, and here in the Triangle area of North Carolina, there are several that do it. I got a lot of either "huh?" (in which I asked to talk to a nurse) or "yeah sure we do that," when it turned out they did excision but not subcision. Looking forward to my appointments!
  9. Great thread. I was going to see a doc about Cooltouch this week, but I'm saving my money, thanks to this awesome thread. I've read about this needling thing for a while, but it always sounded like hocus until reading this thread. Honestly, I'll probably do subcision, because it will be performed by a professional, but it's great to hear about the results first-hand from surgeons that don't make any money off it. yall be careful, ya hear?
  10. Where are these folks? I'd like to take a look at Cooltouch, Smoothbeam, or N-lite, but it doesn't seem that anyone in the area (Raleigh, NC) does them. Is there a place that you can call/surf to in order to find out where the nearest person is for these things? Has anyone called the companies to see where the machines have been sold? Also, if you know something about these machines in your area, it would be cool to post that here. thanks--
  11. Do yall know if you can contact the company to see where they've sold the machines? I live in the Triangle area of NC, but no one seems to have SmoothBeam, Cooltouch, N-lite, or any of that. I haven't been able to find Cooltouch on the web, either.
  12. I've had both and found negligible difference. My scars are very shallow, but also almost 10 years old. So, consensus seems to be that microderm is not going to do much of anything for that. IPL is a good idea, but I don't think that the light pulses target the scar tissue particularly effectively. It's more of a "general mild trauma" that goes relatively far down, but is not trained on the problem, which is dissolving that scar tissue and getting the collagen layer restimulated. It might wor