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  1. lovely improvement bro, waited so long for you to get back to this topic! Keep it up, also grinding the RF genius treatments at the moment together with sub + radiesse
  2. Hi Burito. I am experiecning the same late on set inflammation like you, I dont have nodules however, my cheeks swell upp instead (diffuse swelling) I had alot of filler for scars in both my cheeks. Im just wondering if your problem resolved? Did you also notice diffuse swelling of your face?
  3. had it 3 times with emil. Had nice results.
  4. Maybe you should visit a therapist regarding your scars. You barely have any scars and shouldnt stress about it like you do.
  5. this guys posts should be deleted from these forums. This guy is speaking of suicide because of his skin, look at his skin. Its more or less flawless. People like this guy should not be able to spread such negativity. Guy barely has skin issues, more like psychological issues and would be better off visiting a therapist.
  6. ive had a friend taking msm supplements and his scars faded, hes 71 yrs old and everyone is so supriseed hee has cleear skin now. Testing this out now with my scars
  7. Just had a treatment with Subcision, Genius and Radiesse + botox on forehead. Will be posting pics in about 5 weeks.
  8. Heyy Yess broo, planning to get around lots treatments of Genius this year spaced as early as possible if my dr allows. Cant wait.
  9. The pic really doesnt show the forehead scars unfortunately, will be having RF genius and botox on the forehead for my next treatment. Will upload some better forehead pics.
  10. Hello everyone I have been battling very bad skin now for around 2 years when. 2 years ago I had bad cystic acne and got on accutane which cleared me. Now my acne is under Control, and the acne is not a problem. Now a Days the problem is the state of my skin, and not the acne. Let me explain to you how my skin is: I have acne prone skin, occasional small pimples. Its very oily Its very dull Its a bit dry Its very sensitive Easilty irritated Alo
  11. OMG im so happy i saw ur topic!! Im suffering alot with severe hyperpigmentation, i will definetly buy CAOH tamanu oil ! How do you use it, how much do you use?, When? Every night/morning?? together with something? Please answer im desperate hehe :PP THANKS!
  12. Hello! Im currently 2 months into my 4 month course of accutane. I take 40mg per day. I have not experienced dryness much at all, just a little around my mouth and my lips. The only problem is my face is full of scars and hyperpigmentation, is there anything I can do against them while on accutane? Regards !