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  1. Friends, It has been two years post and I'm clear using only a gentle cleanser nightly and Differin cream 2-3x a week at night. No persistent side effects. Stay happy, Fred
  2. dr dans cortibalm did wonders for me
  3. I used this stuff post accutane and it sucked.
  4. Retinoids take forever to work. At least 3 months before you will see noticeable results. Hang in there.
  5. 1 year and 4 months post treatment. No changes...still clear. No side effects. Stay happy, Fred
  6. I've been clear 17 months since my last pill. I still get little tiny pimples every now and then. I also have a few spots on my back. This has been going on since my 3rd month post accutane and it hasn't gotten any worse. I'm not worried about it and life is good.
  7. Tane burn went away about 4 months post Dry eyes went away 2 months post
  8. I gave my face a couple months to recover after accutane and used only a gentle cleanser. As my oil production increased,I started noticing blackheads returning on my nose. Then my doctor put me on a gentle retinoid, Atralin, but I eventually switched to Differin because the Atralin was too irritating. I've been using Differin cream for about 4 months and its kept my face 85% clear. I get the occasional pimple or two every few weeks, but its ok.
  9. It is impossible to say but I've read things that say it can take about a year.
  10. Lower strengths are just as effective as higher strengths but it takes much longer to produce results with lower strengths.
  11. drinking on accutane is terrible..its dehyrdating and puts your liver on over load. avoid binge drinking at all costs. a couple drinks should be ok but at 19 years old i only drank to get hammered so i just quit all together while on accutane
  12. dr dans cortibalm....best stuff. did wonders for me
  13. Has anyone switched from differin cream/gel to epiduo? How did it go? Was there more irritation? I've been using Differin cream for about 4 months now, and its done a very good job and I am happy with it. I just saw my derm and he said my face looked great but there was room for some improvement if I wanted it and wrote me a script for Epiduo. He said that based on my response with the differin cream that this should zap all acne as we know it. I have sensitive skin and the differin cre
  14. 1 year post treatment. Still clear. No side effects. Using Differin .1% cream nightly for maintenance. When i say I'm clear, I still do break out every 3 weeks with a few pimples that go away in a day or two but its normal acne and it doesn't bother me at all. I know that this may be a disappointment to some but I will MOST CERTAINLY take it based on the way my face looked 1.5 years go. Those breakouts haven't gotten worse or anymore frequent since they started occurring about 8 months a