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  1. I appreciate that Sheefa posted his experience. How is any kind cautionary information negative? I don't know about you guys, but I come onto these forums to hear about other people's experiences during and after their Accutane courses. If there's the slightest chance of me getting these side effects, I want to know. Accutane is not a light drug and should never be treated as such. Thanks again, Sheefa.
  2. Your acne seems pretty mild-moderate to me, but mostly on the mild side. I started breaking out in clogged pores on the 3rd day. 3rd week was the worst for me. I'm finishing up my first month, and the breakouts have subsided, though they're taking forever to heal. I'll probably be breaking out again before I'm clear, but it's nice to finally be purging. Everyone's results are different, but expect an initial breakout before really clearing up.
  3. Yeah, it's quite nasty out here! I was up in northern Arizona a few weeks ago, and it was sooo nice. I'm leaving for florida in a week... Hopefully it's colder than it is here. >.<
  4. Thanks, missy! I bought emu oil and a baby brush online, so they should be here when the weekend is over, hopefully. I was out in the extreme heat this afternoon for only about 2 minutes, but I ended up getting a terrible flush that's lasting all day. It looks like I have some type of rash or something on my cheeks (thank goodness it's only there!). I'm pretty sure I know what caused it - I used hydrocortisone last night to sooth some inflamed zits and ended up spreading it all over my face, si
  5. I've used it, and it works for everything but my forehead. Strangely, my dermatitis has been pretty much gone since I started Accutane, thank goodness! :3
  6. I had my first blood test the day I got my prescription (after my one-month wait). Yes, patients generally have to get blood tests every month before picking up their prescription. When they're drawing blood, I just imagine that something's pinching my arm as opposed to being inserted in the vein. I don't know why, but it helps me.
  7. I'm sure the hairloss is normal Accutane stuff, but it's good you're getting it checked out to be sure. Stay positive!
  8. So your cheeks are just red? I'd try moisturizing them well and maybe trying hydrocortisone (Rx) to sooth the redness. I'm not really sure what would cause the redness, though... If it's just general redness, I don't think it'd be related to the individual red marks.
  9. I'm thinking about getting Vbeam treatment for my Rosacea once I'm six-months off Accutane (will be a year or so from now). My red marks will hopefully be gone by then, but to be safe - Vbeam doesn't really treat red marks, right? I thought it only treated vascular problems. I think treatments like IPL are best for skin pigmentation, though it can take a while...
  10. I think you're making these scars seem a lot worse than they actually are. Definitely talk to your derm about treatments if they're bugging you that much. Honestly, though, if I saw your skin in real life, I wouldn't think twice about it. Your skin definitely isn't the image I get when I think "acne scarring".
  11. My derm appointment went well - I'm staying on the same dose. The blood lab I go to was incredibly busy today, so I'm getting my blood drawn tomorrow. After having awful, dry skin for days, my skin is now quite oily. I wonder if my body's just adjusting to 'Tane? I'm hoping it dries out again soon - not as badly as it was the last few days, though. o.o;
  12. Yeah, my face got incredibly dry the past few days, but today I'm oily on my forehead again. I'm not sure which is worse. :s
  13. Jeez, your skin looks flawless!! Where on earth did your red marks go? Judging from the pictures, one would never guess you had acne in the first place. It must be such a relief not to worry about skin issues now!
  14. They don't look very bad to me. Ask your derm about lasers to smooth the surface of the skin. Your scars don't look very deep at all.
  15. You can also try tinted moisturizers or sunscreens (which in turn would keep the marks from getting darker in the sun). Zinco has a good tinted sunscreen, but I think it only comes in one tanned shade.
  16. The Cetaphil cream broke me out, unfortunately. Yeah, I'm drinking quite a lot of water. Strangely, my skin is pretty greasy today. Maybe my skin is still adjusting or something?
  17. I've heard it's a common side effect. Excessive dryness can cause bloody noses, I guess.
  18. Pills taken: 24 Thanks so much, Joseph! I think I'll order both the emu and jojoba oils online tomorrow. Ack! I applied my moisturizer after my shower tonight, and it stung like crazy! I also have layers and layers of flaking and peeling skin, even though I'm still in my first month. Could it be that my skin isn't reacting well to Cerave? Is there another heavy moisturizer I can use? My derm appointment and blood test are tomorrow. I'll ask if he has any moisturizer recommendations. I'm also
  19. Ack! I applied my moisturizer after my shower tonight, and it stung like crazy! I also have layers and layers of flaking and peeling skin - like I said, I'm not even through with my first month. Could it be that my skin isn't reacting well to Cerave? Is there another heavy moisturizer I can use? Thanks.
  20. Have you been using a moisturizer for your face other than emu oil? I use Cerave and it does a good job of keeping the itchiness away.
  21. Good luck, Slysm!! Hope you have a great first day.
  22. I hope the castor oil works, too! And I love Frou Frou - Imogen has such a pretty voice.
  23. I've heard of that. I'd recommend starting on another antibiotic. Hopefully the marks you have will fade.
  24. My skin is sensitive, so I've always gotten red marks. The marks I get on Accutane seem to be darker, though. That's why I'm hoping to start treating them now, so they'll hopefully be somewhat faded by the end of my course (I'm finishing up my first month now).