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  1. Hello. =) I use concealer for my under-eye circles/red areas/pimples, but I've never been a fan of using foundation. The concealer blends in pretty well, and I don't really have a need for the rest of my skin to be "flawless" if it's looking relatively good. My only problem is that my skin gets very oily, and I'm getting tired of using oil blotting sheets 100x a day... So, my question is, what is a good powder to use that won't irritate or break out my sensitive skin, but will suck up some
  2. Oh wow, it's been forever! I've been really good, haven't had too much of a need to visit the Org lately, thankfully. How have you been? =)

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    2. Deadbeat007


      I'm so sorry for not replying, I didn't see this! Wow, so you're about done with school? I still have a few years of college to go. And yes, my skin has been really good for a couple years, though I'm having some trouble lately, so I'll probably be stopping by the Org a little more often. =)

    3. NoTanSuperman


      No worries at all ;)

      I actually thought that my talks of "rabbit traps" sent you running LoL! Well, I'm not quite done with university. The nursing program & I have been quarreling so by the end of the semester I will probably be a liberal arts major again HaHaHa I'll graduate earlier than expected. Maybe the end of this year if I don't adventure off anywhere.

    4. NoTanSuperman


      *I know what you mean about stopping by the Org, I have been meaning to post pictures on my accutane log since October. Since I'm here now I think I will grab my camera and do that.... right....... now! I'm glad you're doing good & I hope you skin gets nice again very soon x)

  3. Dear Ashley,

    Look out your window at the brightest star. That star is me.

    Love, Lauren

  4. I think the redness temporarily leaves because the blood vessels are being "blanched," much like if you press on a purple bruise and make it go temporarily white. Massaging the area, at least for my skin, would probably irritate it further and cause the skin to get redder in time. Of course, it depends on what's causing the redness in the first place, so you can't be sure.
  5. No problem. =) Just waiting and giving them time to fade was what worked best for me, really. There's a thread somewhere on the forums about using ACV, which is supposed to be pretty effective. I haven't tried it, though.

  6. Wow. I didn't know that. Thanks alot, Lauren! To think that it could be related to Rosacea! =) No problem. =) I never knew you had ze Rosacea!
  7. unfortunately, Meladerm didn't do anything for me when I used it in '07. =/ I only used it 3 weeks though, so maybe I should have used it longer? G'luck if you're thinking of trying it.

  8. I'm guessing the e-card was from you. Thanks. :D

  9. Your skin could just be sensitive and reacting to something you're using. If you use any scrubs at night, maybe that could be the cause? Switching to some different brands and experimenting to see if the redness stays away might help.
  10. I'm in the same boat this year. Have you noticed any trends in the way the redness is brought about? Generally Rosacea will flare with exercise/heat/etc, though I'm not very familiar with KP. Edit: My Rosacea came about very quickly -- i.e. since the first day I developed it, I haven't been without it. If it's bothering you that rarely, then it could be something totally different.
  11. http://rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/...303&page=32 The first post in the above link discusses something along a similar vein -- Using nasal spray for Rosacea. I'm guessing its a steroidal effect that helps calm inflammation? As someone posted in the above link, it's best to use something like that sparingly if it works, as there is oftentimes a rebound effect when the symptoms can worsen, even after improving.
  12. Amanda: I was told by an old derm who diagnosed me with Rosacea that the itchy bumps I'd get could be due to my Rosacea. There is such a thing as Acne Rosacea, which isn't exactly acne but rather the rashy redness of Rosacea pair with the sometimes-itchy bumps. I don't know if there's any relation if someone only has the itchy bumps, but not the Rosacea. padresfan: To me, that looks an awful lot like either Rosacea or Keratosis Pilaris, both of which are sometimes comprised of red skin and bump
  13. lol, I couldn't sleep. In my head, a spirited mantra: "Must... lurk... Org... MOAR"

  14. I get those too. I've been clear for a while now from Tane, but these tiny itchy bumps still come up once in a while. My skin's very sensitive, too, so I haven't tried anything for them yet. Usually when I get them, they'll come in groups, one or two on my face, maybe a few tiny ones on my chest/neck. I wonder if it's more of an allergy than acne? Edit: I also have Rosacea, and I know sometimes these sorts of bumps can be related to it.
  15. I cut my hair to my chin when I was 16, and though it was fun for a while, I started missing long hair. It took a year and a half to grow back. I also had a short "boy-cut" before that. I'd say try to get your hair an even length for the most part as it grows to your chin and, later, your shoulders. A short cut will look really bizarre once it starts growing out unless you even the ends up again.
  16. ^ I use Burt's Bees lip balm in lieu of lipstick, as well. Same with lipgloss, I hate that tacky feeling. Burt's Bees is always too dark for me though, but dabbing a little on and blending it usually does the trick.
  17. I've been using Loreal's True Match Foundation as a concealer. It blends really well, never breaks me out, and has excellent coverage. I've had a massive bruise on the side of my face for the last few weeks, and it only takes one layer to cover completely. Lots of color selections too.
  18. I'd talk to another derm. I've known loads of people who take a 2nd tane course years after their first, and I doubt any of them keep hold of their cards all that time. gl lady

  19. Haha yeah, my sleep schedule is still a bit messed up. How long are you on break? Mine's nearing its end, but I haven't really done anything interesting, lol.

  20. lol you crazy mayne. How've you been?