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  1. Don't waste your time trying to find Mac brushes for cheap on ebay..they are almost all fake. MAC brushes are great quality but they are not the only good quality brushes out there. There are many cheaper alternatives including the essence of beauty brushes(available at a CVS) or Sonia Kashuk Target brushes. Both are great quality and super cheap. If you really want to buy MAC you are better off paying full price, they are worth it. Oh and when you're in the market for brushes don't waste your t
  2. A few weeks ago I got a call from a company that wanted me to be in a small fashion show at a mall about an hour away from mine. It wasn't a big deal, just modeling some jeans or something, I never got the details. Apparently they needed someone my height(short.) So anyway I remember telling her I couldn't do it almost immediately. I'm just so embarrassed about my face. Usually I don't let this effect my social life etc, but this seemed different. I made up a really lame excuse about how I lived
  3. I think you look very cute! I would never be able to pull of a haircut like that. In fact I did have a haircut like that but I couldn't pull it off..haha .
  4. I bought some of this. I'm not much for d/s foundations but I wanted something that was inexpensive that I could wear around the house etc. so I didn't have to waste my more expensive foundation. I would classify this as more of a liquid than a cream btw. I am not a big fan of liquid foundation, I think it emphasizes my pores/flaws more than cream or powder does. Overall I think it is OKAY, I don't think it provides the coverage for my redmarks that I want. Also I can't stand the smell, I don't
  5. I just bought some Shiseido Powdery foundation today. I have been hearing lots of good things about their foundations, and I can't wait to try this. I love their haircare products/other makeup, so I hope I love this as well.
  6. I think either one of those bps will work, depending on the % you want. I'm not from India, but I visit often. There is a Garnier Pure exfoliating wash I really liked. You guys really have a large variety of skincare available to you.
  7. have you tried putting some baby powder in your hair? I don't know if it is possible to do that when you get to work, but it sops up oil etc. pretty well.
  8. I actually like M.A.C foundation. I use the studiotech and it has perfect coverage that blends into my skin for a natural sort of dewy finish. I think with mac the brushes you use to apply makeup makes all the difference. I used to not like the way my foundation looked until I started applying it with the 190 brush. I agree with everyone that it is a bit expensive, but all high-end makeup tends to be. Also I look at makeup as an investment so I don't mind buying spending a little more to get som
  9. I would not recommend the smashbox one. It didn't break me out but it did not work for me at all.
  10. I'm sure if you email cs they will replace your eyelash comb so you don't have to glue it together. Since the concealer is not "skin colored", I would do it concealer, foundation, silk dust and blush. Some people start with the silk dust(as a primer) however and do silkdust, concealer, foundation, blush. If you are going to use the concelaer as an all over face brightener I would use it right before the blush, with foundation or silk dust in the order that you prefer.
  11. I came on the first time it was "hacked" (if any of you were there you would have seen the two odd pictures they posted on the front page of the board along with "lol") and it seemed to be some flamers from a site called Liberty Hell just having some really pathethic fun. A lot of people probably already know this and they have already deleted everything concerning it. So yea...
  12. I am looking at some of your stuff and we have the same computer monitor. haha. I don't know what I would trade for any of it though.
  13. Bare Escentuals is the company that makes Bare Minerals. I haven't heard of Bare Essentials, maybe it is something different?
  14. those articles just tell the dangers of taking things in excess, which is a good point(taking away the last article which is written again in an extremely biased view). But it is common sense that too much of anything is bad. Insufficiency is definitely bad as well though. Calcium is also required for other body functions like storing glycogen, digesting fats, and relaxing nerves. If you don't have enough calcium then your body takes it from your bones and it is pretty self explanatory from ther
  15. Completely false. Much of the world's population does not consume cow's milk, and yet most of the world does not experience the high rates of osteoporosis found in the West. In some Asian countries, for example, where consumption of dairy foods is low, fracture rates are far lower than they are in the United States and in Scandinavian countries, where consumption of dairy products is high. http://www.milksucks.com/osteo.asp