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  1. I'm so interested in this. When I was drinking soya milk over the summer i wasn't 100% sure but it seemed as tho my skin improved but i know all the dangers about soya and so cut it out as soon as i could. I might experiment with it to see if it does anything. tbh, i don't give a shit if it's unhealthy, if it cleared my skin a bit i'd take the damage for a while...
  2. and do you put your great skin only down to the kefir?
  3. What kind of acne do you have? And where abouts is it? I'm currently off fruit and it's so hard. Disheartened to read that meat and veggies didn't even clear you, I always thought that would...
  4. Which would be better to buy carton-wise?
  5. It doesn't sound annoying at all, it just isn't true. I know my skin. I've done without fruit for periods of time then had some and WHAMMO, flushed, inflammed and loads of acne. It's a very clear connection, the only reason I keep arsing up with it is because I don't want to believe it could be such a bad reaction to something healthy. But it is. Trust me, I know my skin and fruit does not agree with me. I don't seem to have a problem with lentils but I don't eat them that often to make a
  6. I'm not sure about the whole candida thing you know, I don't have ANY symptoms of a yeast infection and have been on a low sugar diet for a very long time. I may however have leaky gut but neither have been confirmed these are just speculations. Sorry but it definitely, definitely, definitely is not my body cleansing. I've followed a 95% raw diet for 4 years now, I've nothing left to 'cleanse'. It's like a sever reaction. My whole face goes flushed and red and then millions of tiny spots c
  7. Yeah I'm having some berries in a smoothie just now, blackcurrants and gojis which are less problematic for me. I do love fruit. It just doesn't love me
  8. I did a 3 day water fast last week then broke it yesterday with fruits in the form of smoothies. I also had a green smoothie this morning with mango and my skin just flushed red, inflammed and i've broken out pretty bad. So had it with fruit now, thought I'd give it another chance but it seems to really redden my face and worsen my acne. Back to fish, eggs, lentils and LOTS of veg...
  9. That's awesome, yeah I'm gonna give them a miss for now. i think lentils are ok but will test that out too.
  10. That sounds great. I'm off the fruit cos of the sugar so i think meat with loads of salads is gonna be a real staple. I've just introduced lentils and beans and my skin isn't great today. Will wait and see how it goes over next few days...
  11. I was raw for almost 4 years (not 100% all the time) and now I am trying Paleo. During raw food years I've had some of the worst skin of my life, couldn't understand why it was getting worse than better. So far paleo has made my complexion much better and not red which is a real benefit. Things to keep in mind when raw you're either gonna get your calories from fruit (sugar) or nuts/seeds (fat). Combinging sugar and fat is not great for skin imo Too much nuts/seeds can upset your digestion
  12. Yeah I'm wondering now if I incorrectly assumed I had candida acne rather than just a real intolerance/reaction to fructose. I still get acne that isn't sugar related but this is a real find for me! Had some fruits yesterday as they were in my lunch and had a couple of whiteheads this morning. I think the sugar based acne is mainly smaller and goes away much quicker. The dairy/gluten (still not figured out the worst of either) causes much bigger angry spots...