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  1. i had read about a product that you can apply on ur face that shuts that ur oil production. any info??
  2. i think the benzaclin and mirco will canceal each other out if after at the same time
  3. it can make it less effective if you apply it immediately after the retin-a. you should wait about 15 then apply moisturizer. I recommend Luberiderm. i dont moisturizer after retin-a---only in the morning, like yourself
  4. i was wondering what's another good prescription to use in conjunction with retin-a micro? i'm sorta leading toward salicylic acid or BP. my skin has responded well to the micro but maybe it can be more effective with something else
  5. would it be okay to use salicylic acid or BP in the morning and then using retin-a mirco at night. i've heard that BP makes Mirco less effective. but i dont know if thats if u flowing it immediately after using the BP.
  6. Take the accutane or send it to me!! If you only knew what i'd give for a course of accutane!
  7. I've been using a 2.5% BP wash for about 3 or 4 months and it has worked really well. I'm about 95% clear. I no longer get the cysts and big red pimples that hurt when u touch them. It's a the lowest strength but it works. The reason i am using 2.5 is because i'm paranoid about dry skin. I still get the small red ones, but i dont mind too much. My main good was to get rid of the cysts so that i won't scar. I'm trying to hold it off until i go on Accutane. When i use it, i get a bath puff and
  8. I have a dry skin problem. i dont seem to be tolerating Retin-a mirco .1% well because it is really drying me out. so i want to try Differin because it supposedly is gentler. To does that have used it how drying is it? thanks for the help
  9. do most of your breakouts occur around ur t-zone being that its where you most produce oil?
  10. exactly. i thought this message board was designed to GET THE WORD OUT on important information related acne. If not, why post here at all
  11. Hey Ritzvin, i'm also using the C&C Continuous Control Wash. i was wondering how long you leave it on your skin when washing.