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  1. HealingCougar

    Water Only Regimen

    I have decided but to start this today, because i realized when i went to a festival last august myvskin cleared up significantly and i wasn’t using a thing at all on it, maybe a little water. I am just wondering, when you first started was your face redder than usual? Or is this just me? Also, is my face supposed to feel a little itchy?
  2. HealingCougar

    broke me out severely

    broke me out severely

    i had heard great things about this wash, so i decided to try it out myself. the morning after i first tried it i had many new breakouts and i figured it was due to y skin purging and not being used to this product, so i carried on use in hope of seeing better results but it only got worse. i discontinued use and use dettol antibacterial soap instead on my face (which seems crazy i know) which helped clear up any acne caused from this product (i have sensitive skin prone to break outs.) - i now use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and so far so good!
  3. HealingCougar

    so far so good

    so far so good

    i have been using this for two days and it has already cleared up most pimples i have. it feels great and i love that its fragrance free as my skin is quite sensitive. (i use it twice a day, applying warm water to my face first, then massaging in the cleanser for about 2-5 minutes, and then i wash it off with cold water before patting my face dry with a towel) i will be sure to update if i see any changes!