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  1. TCA may get your scar bigger and deeper if do without carefulness , I suggest you to find a cream in your area that contain allium cepa and beta glucan , all those compositions can help to heal your scar for sure .
  2. you may have a thin skin effect from laser , and you will have a hot skin problem when go under strong sunlight , I suggest you to find a cream that contain beta glucan + allium cepa , it can make your scar smoother .
  3. Onion ( Allium cepa ) is a natural anti bacteria substances , you just slice it and put it on you face . but also careful when doing , if you feel hot , you can remove it .
  4. it will better to use benzoyl peroxide in night time , your face skin may hurt by sunlight bcos of benzoyl peroxide
  5. I'm not sure in your area can find a cream that contain Licorice and onion , Licorice can help to control an oil condition on your skin , while Onion can help to kill bacteria
  6. you can try to use an anti bacteria cream , Allium cepa ( onion ) is one of the most effective substances to kill bacteria .