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  1. Hey Jesshc, My dorm has recently put my on the same course as you. He says he does it often for people who are anxious about side effects. I was just wondering how your going on it now? When did you start to notice a change?
  2. Thanks Valerie22, thats v helpful! I have tried everything diet wise under the sun. I thought it was getting a bit ridiculous (and my skin was still bad) so I've become less strict about it lately. I'm still not eating sugar and stick to low GI as much as possible though. I think you are right about the PCOS stuff. Some people seem to claim that PCOS acne just comes back after a course of roaccutane because you never got down to the root cause. But then roaccutane never gets to the root cause fo
  3. Hey, how did things turn our for you in the end?
  4. Hi, I was just wondering how accutane worked for you in the end? I also have PCOS and have been offered roaccutance from my dorm but i've read that remission rates aren't great for women with PCOS. Hoping everything worked out for you!! Cheers
  5. Hi all, Up until about a year ago, I was using Edipuo in AM and BP in PM, and had been doing successfully for a few years. I decided to stop the creams, because I thought my hormones would have settled down by now. I stopped the Epiduo, but never managed to ween myself off the nightly BP cream. About 4 months later, I started getting bad breakout every now and then again, including a few cysts, which I hadn't had for years. I decided to tidy my diet up - eat low GI and cut out all sugar. Now,
  6. I'm in a very similar situation. When i went off it, it took a few months for my skin to gradually get bad again. Its taken me 12 or so months to realise that that could be reason why I've been breaking out (I can't even really remember when I stopped using the cream but i was about 12 months ago now and things have been getting progressively worse for 9 months or so). Is this at all similar to your experience?