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  1. naken

    Will it do any good?

    After battling with acne for over 10 years, I'm finally doing the right thing(?) for my self, and starting accutane. Will hopefully be on it in about a month. This will be my progress album.
  2. Hello naken! I have very similar scarring, except mine is far more severe. Have you found any good cosmetics that have worked well for you?

  3. I can't see scars in any of your photos that have been taken in normal lighting.

  4. naken


    How I lost my skin, and how I'm trying to get it back
  5. LMF

    I have tried chemical peels and one laser treatment and have seen improvement on my scars. I have not tried that particular peel, but as long as you go to a reputable place and do your research I think you might see some improvement. My goal is not to HAVE to wear makeup to feel normal.

  6. if your a guy and you put on makeup........shame on you. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup! Many men do it and would never admit it to anyone else. Every man on TV wears makeup. Actors wear makeup. My ex husband wore makeup to cover his pimples. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it!
  7. So what kind of scars do you have? Rolling, Ice pick, etc? is it noticeable when you have it on? about how much % improvement do you say it makes?
  8. sounds like a good idea...unfortunately im a guy though...think itll work for me?
  9. Hi! I was thinking the other day, why isn't there such a thing as a "wipe-on-skin" cream thing. Something that would give the illusion of wholesome skin, kind of like wax or something, that would look natural. Turns out there is - for wrinkles. I just bought Loreal "collagen filler" for wrinkled skin today. I tried it on, and I do really think it fills out the scars somewhat. With some makeup over I would guess it would look even better! Anyone else tried similar things? Hugs from me
  10. I don't know much about scars, even though I've been cursed whit acne and scarring for almost 10 years now. I was hoping someone could help me determine what scars I do have. I know I have one large rolling scar on the right side of my mouth, and some deep box scars. I have been thinking doing the Obagi Blue Peel, and laser treatments. Would this work for me you think? Frontal Side Grateful for answers! Thanks..
  11. I like the idea of this remedy. But will not drinking lemon juice all day ruin the teeth? I'd rather not have damaged skin AND damaged teeth. Isn't there any other detox but lemon?...