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  1. Yah, takes two months or so once off the meds, but those suckers will start pumping sebum again. Except this time hopefully you shouldn't get acne or it will be minimal from it. It sucks I know, I'm still dreading it.
  2. The thing about Accutane is it's a very powerful drug. I mean think about it, it's a toxic dose of vitamin A basically. When going on it you need to assess the risks and if clear skin is worth the possible consequences. To me it is and I haven't looked back. In the end unless forced to take it you made the decision to pop that pill, not your doctor, not your parents, you. To those who have experienced/still have terrible side affects my heart goes out to you. Just remember this it's a great drug
  3. " I shower 3 times a day, wash my face 2-3 times a day. " That's incredibly over drying for your skin to shower 3times and wash your face twice a day. Try cutting it down to 1-2 max showers a day and only washing your face twice. If you shave make sure you do it cleanly, i.e new blade or soak the other one in rubbing alcohol for a bit then rinse it to prevent staph bacteria from spreading. Not really sure what else to say I have the same issue, I have higher amounts then normal of bacteria on my
  4. Depends what your skin responds to, personally Retin-A worked wonders for me but when I shaved with it I got ingrown hairs (seems rare though don't worry about this). BP has always just over irritated my skin and made it worse. The best thing I've used other then Accutane is 50mg twice a day of minocin and 0.01 retin-a at night. Anyway, you may find the combo of two products (BP and retin-a) drying. Especially once the retin-a kicks in reducing the layers of skin on your face. But back to your
  5. First two weeks my face was super red and itchy (i.e brought up all my old scarring), now at 3 1/2 weeks and my skin is 3x better then it was on the regimen. I haven't gotten any side effects other then mild dryness (nothing compared to the regimen or other BP related dryness) So far it's awesome and it's one of the best decisions I've made.
  6. doesn't help with my acne but cuts down on my oil production which is a plus
  7. Damn that sucks, oh well, thanks for the info
  8. I was wondering if when you order anything from danielkern if you pay customs or other charges when it's being shipped to Canada. I know the shipping rate for the kit is $15, but are there any other charges that the government will charge? Anyone with experience or info about this would be a big help Thanks