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  1. I find that the removal of makeup causes my breakouts usually, especially if I've rubbed the skin either with cotton pads or with a face cloth. So now I completely saturate the cotton pad in makeup remover ( I use micellar water) so that there is less irritation because the cotton pad is so saturated that it is almost dripping wet that it is just gliding on the skin. I do this if I'm wearing heavy face makeup, if it's just a light layer of foundation and concealer then just cleansing twice is u
  2. Have you tried Glycolic Acid? I had spots that developed under the skin and the only thing that helped was Avene Clenance K. That is now discontinued but the main ingredients were Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. The acne.org regime has also helped me clear my skin completely so that might be worth a shot if you haven't tried it.
  3. Sometimes I find that if the regime isn't working properly it's because I'm making mistakes on it without even realising. I then go back and look at Dan's YouTube videos to correct myself. Have you tried incorporating glycolic acid into your routine? I've been doing the regime for 2 years but never managed to come off it for more than a few weeks before having to go back to it but that's probably because I always stop abruptly rather than gradually. I never add in new steps or change pro
  4. Have you tried glycolic acid every few days in place of your moisturiser? I get these bumps on my forehead as well and I find that glycolic acid really helps to make the skin smooth. You definitely need to use lots of moisturiser because the BP will dry out your skin, try something gentle like Cetaphil. Hope that helps.
  5. Wearing sunscreen will help, use it the way you are taught on the regimen, just make sure it is not pore blocking. Glycolic acid also helps. I also had great success with diy tumeric face masks (just don't use too much because that will stain your face)
  6. It might be a good idea to visit a doctor because of the colour and smell of the discharge as that sounds unusual.
  7. I've found that when I use glycolic acid on bumpy skin it makes it really smooth.
  8. Whitecloud


    It might be worth trying glycolic acid on them to try and bring them to a head. I use the soap and glory Dr spot gel on spots like that and then they develop into a whitehead and then they go down.
  9. I have never tried R+F so I can't say how well works but cetaphil gentle cleanser is great. It is very gentle so it probably won't irritate your sensitive skin. Might be worth trying.
  10. Clean and clear advantage gel

    Made no difference to my skin. The spots remained exactly the same with no improvement.
  11. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser so that your skin isn't getting irritated any further. Follow a strict routine morning and night. For bumpy skin glycolic acid really helps. Don't use scrubs and pat your face dry very gently so that your skin doesn't become irritated and make sure you're changing your pillowcase daily so that the dirt and oil from hair and skin isn't making your spots worse. Hope that helps.
  12. Have you tried the acne.org routine? I've had great success with it and like you I had people ask me why I had spots on my cheeks and then after my skin improved I had people tell me my skin was really clear. I can understand why you would want to put lots of concealer on your face but in my experience that makes the problem worse because you have to really scrub your face to take it off which irritates the skin making the spots worse. If you could possibly stick it out and let your skin breath
  13. What kind of moisturiser are you using? Maybe try cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser as these two products are super gentle and might stop your skin from feeling so irritated. It might also be a good idea to use your fingers to gently cleanse the skin instead of the neutrogena wave. If it is the BP alone that has caused the skin irritation then maybe you could find an alternative product that is gentler on your skin.
  14. Alternative to benzoyl peroxide

    I use this in place of BP as I find it easier to get hold of. It's great at bringing spots to the surface and then getting rid of them. It clears my skin up really well. One drawback is that the tube is pretty small and I use this product in the same way that you would use the BP in the regimen so it runs out pretty quickly but it might be a good alternative for people who struggle to get a hold of BP or find that it is too harsh on their skin.