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  1. Brown rice is fine. Oats and quinoa are good too. I don't see anything wrong with fruits as long as it's in moderation.
  2. Follow your doctors instructions exactly. If he/she says use it every other night, then do so. Use a pea-sized amount for the entire face. The first couple weeks will likely be miserable. Red skin, dryness, new breakouts etc...but stick with it. The problem with retinoids is that they take a long time of continuous use to make a difference. Good luck.
  3. Not eliminated my acne, but greatly decreased it. I've replaced bread and pasta with brown rice and oats. I also stay clear of processed and junk food altogether.
  4. If your skin is irritated, take a break from it until your skin has calmed. Then start over. A lot of us make the mistake of using too much in the beginning.
  5. Anyone else's hair get oily when eating healthier? Seems that my skin clears up quite a bit, but my hair gets very oily. And it's just the opposite when I eat like crap. Oily skin, breakouts, and dry hair. It's like a damned if I do, damned if I don't situation. Could the diet be causing fluctuations with my hormones? I don't ever feel hungry, so I don't think my body is stressed or anything. Very strange.
  6. Stay away from junk food. Limit the amount of processed foods. Basically try and eat as healthy as you can. It won't cure it, but it might help alleviate it.
  7. Two words: Omelettes and salads. That's pretty much the bulk of what I eat daily. The more veggies in either of the two the better. As for what to do about bread and potatoes? Well bread has always given me both acne and digestive problems. Even whole grain! Even oats! So I've eliminated wheat products and grains altogether. The carbs I used to receive from bread I've replaced with legumes and vegetables. Much healthier imho. You can still do potatoes if you go with the sweet variety.
  8. Sounds great. I don't see the problem with legumes though.
  9. is there any type of meat that is a good choice to eat ? Chicken, fish and eggs are the holy trinity for me.
  10. I can only speak for myself, but I've eliminated all dairy, bread (basically anything containing white flour) and sugars (aside from fruits). I eat only meat (chicken, fish and eggs. occasionally red meat.), vegetables (except white potatoes, i believe those have a high GI) and fruits. That's it. And plenty of water. I think that may be a relatively low GI diet.
  11. Two courses in my early twenties (35 now) and it did work, but I relapsed both times.
  12. thank's very much, would you reccomend anything for a breakfast if i where to stop having dairy and gluten ? I have an omelet, apple and banana every morning. Omelet consists of: 2 eggs Diced Green and red peppers Diced Onions (sometimes green onions) Diced Portabella mushrooms Chopped spinach Black pepper Hope that helps. Good luck.
  13. Yes dairy was problematic for me, but it wasn't until I cut out white flour (breads, pastas, etc...) that I noticed a huge difference. The big three that I try and avoid are: White flour Dairy Sugar My diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables and meats (chicken, eggs, fish and occasional red meats). and lots of water!
  14. Canned tuna is great. I eat it almost everyday. You want to avoid bread made with white flour though, so have it in a salad or get some flourless bread like Ezekiel.
  15. It's not difficult to eliminate gluten. Get rid of the big offenders like breads and pastas. Basically anything made with white flour. Eat fresh, unprocessed food. Fruits and vegetables. Meats like fish, chicken and eggs. Drink lots of water! No sugary drinks.