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  1. Hi all.. I wanted to do some vbeam or non-ablative laser to reduce my acne marks and scarring on my face.. currently in tane month 5.. I have read a lot.. from forum and sites that were written no laser during tane. But that was for laser as a whole... but for non-ablative laser.. my derm say it's safe.. as long as it doesn't burn your skin. yes.. tane impair ur skin healing ability.. (i know.. that's y i have scarring easily now) but what i read as non-ablative laser nonablative laser
  2. i recalculate and today is day 49.. finished 7 weeks all was pretty fine.. until today.. where my cheek erupt again 3-4 zits.. arghhh.. making my super war zone face even worse.. sucks...
  3. Day 47 long time since i last update.. hmm.. last few days my skin begin to dry a lot.. (for the acne area) today is less dry.. my left cheek is getting better.. but my right cheek still look veri awful.. will update again when i get better.. or have time.. getting super busy at work..
  4. my 2nd and 3rd week is the worst.. basically same as urs.. i woke up with 5 new cysts on one day.. which totally ruined my face... after which i got prednisone from my doc..(for 3 days) then i broke out quite badly again on week 5.. last week..(but not as bad as week 2) then i go prednisone again.. for 3 days.. now day 40.. hope things will get better
  5. Day 39 hmmm.. for the past 2 days.. not much breakout.. but today after dinner.. i have a few breakout again.. 1 painful zit.. (not cyst though) and 2 white heads.. haizz.. so sad.. hopefully they will stablise soon that's all .. 61 more days to day 100.. it's getting close lolz.. another i think i will be on this medication from 180-240 days i guess ohh and to add on.. my derm ask me to go down for some vitamin C lutopherisis treatment.. dunno how to spell the exact word .. will get back t
  6. thanks Malevolent.. hmm.. i'm not really sure.. i hvnt been using it consistently lolz.. i'm more concern over my face for now Day 36 (beginning of 6th week) so well.. beginning of the 6th week.. things are not so gd afterall.. but prednisone really helps in curbing cysts from becoming bigger or more inflamed.. although my 2 cysts on my right cheek didnt manage to subside thoroughly .. but at least it's a little bit better.. the main things y i'm feeling so down.. is not like i have 5 or 10
  7. seems like a few pple here are experiencing what i am too.. day 35 of 20mg/day here.. have been breaking out like hell ever since i start tane.. massive cysts forming..on my cheeks..at least 10x worse than pre-tane... but since it's already a shitty face in my case.. i have no choice but just to continue.. 4 mths.. 5mths.. 6 mths.. success rate is veri high.. and i want to be one of those who will shout.. yes .. i'm CLEAR!.. so well
  8. i'm same as what u were experiencing.. day 35.. massive breakout of cysts.. tonnes of marks from week 2-3 breakout.. it's just pure hell.. it's like we are going on tane becos we wan more breakouts.. arghhh.. anyway.. what u may wanna do.. is go on cortisone injection.. or prednisone (steroid tablets) for a few days.. it will curb some of the breakouts for a short while.. i'm on a generic tane.. also 20 mg/day.. maybe u can write a tane log too..then we can share..how our breakout is doing.. h
  9. Day 34 worsening again as usual.. current status Left cheek : 0 to 2 actives ( the 2 actives after popping..become 2 bumps.. so will depend on whether they will subside or come back alive.. will know after a week or so) Right cheek: super explosion area .. 3 cysts + 3 zits + ~20 white head bumps that may explode any moment hope the prednisone will work once again to curb this breakout
  10. hi ash.. i'm on my 33th day.. and i know what u meant by going down hill only.. breaking out with big red zits which is far more abnormal than pre tane.. but i've read some pple breaking out like hell for 2-3 mths.. and all of a sudden they get cleared on the 5-6th months.. since u are already gg towards ur 4th mths.. maybe just endure another 2 mths? and also get some cortisone tablet or injection ? it will help with those cystic zits.. as it reduce inflammation (but u can take it for only a
  11. Day 33 breakout is worsening...sad sad sad.. but i went to the derm today to get cortisone tablet again..hope it will help current status Left cheek : still 2 active.. ( i pop them though..cos they came to head) right cheek : 3-4 .. (2-3 became cysts/nodules.. not again..!) and of cos more depressed.......
  12. congrats to ur son.. i'm sure he will be more confident and happier
  13. kill kill kill!!! lolz i think it should be ok? else i dunno how he manage to get his certification then lolz. but i only apply those lotion on those marks which isnt active anymore.. just marks.. thanks a lot Day 31 (start of 2nd mth) well.. the new zits that came about yesterday are still there.. i think 1 of them on my right cheek could be a cyst/nodule.. that's sad. and of cos those million marks are still there. current status Left cheek : 2 active zits Right cheek : 3 active zits ( 1 of
  14. oo ic thx for reminding.. also hope u get back to ur pills fast.. it sucks when u ran out of it Day 30 end of 1 mth, had 2 days without any new zits.. but today was down hill again.. had 1 on the left and 2 on the right.. sad.. and of cos tonnes of marks still.. went to see my derm to refil my subscription.. tok to him about my marks and about my hair thinning effect. He suggested doing IPL to reduce marks.. but i think it's too expensive and early to do.. since I'm still not really done wi
  15. day 28.( end of 4 week) not bad.. 4 weeks down even though i had a pretty bad start..darn IB.. but they sort of calm down a bit.. leaving lots of marks.. a few zits that ripes veri fast..everyday.. which i will pop them..lolz but it's still quite alright my face is getting very dry as well.. tml.. will go see my derm to refill my prescription.. well gd luck everyone.