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    Day 71

    Today is day 71. My skin is getting smoother and the few pimples that have popped up I have not touched because there pretty small. Now that winter is coming and the humidity is under 50 my hands and arms are dry. My face was getting dry too and my moisturizer wasn’t really working so I started using organic unrefined hemp seed oil. (Made by sweet essentials) I got it on amazon and it’s working. I drank like 8 beers this week. I think I drank four while I watched football and I felt fine. My back, arms, chest are completely clear now which is awesome. I have had some cramps but probably just cause I didn’t drink enough water. My joint pain has gotten better. Been trying to take fish oil at least once a day. That’s about it this week
  2. EggplantSmirk

    Day 61

    Month 3 begins! Went to the derm and she decided since I’m practically clear besides red spots, that she would keep me on 40 mgs. I assume I will be on for 6 months to meet the minimum dose required. I’m really happy with the results, so far any pimples I’ve had recently have been so small, like the size of a pen tip. My back has remained clear besides like one normal size pimple the whole month. I had pretty big blackheads/pores on and around my nose. I can say most of the black heads are gone and I think the pores are even starting to shrink! Oil is nonexistent now(has been for a while) and I only notice dry skin on my chin and lips. The temp dropped into the 30s this week and that’s definitely made my skin drier. I have to mostorize my face a few times a day, usually twice when I get out the shower. The back of my hands and arms have gotten a little rough but nothing the moisturizer can’t handle. I was an idiot and wore a t shirt out side....yeah don’t do that.duh. My joints are still slightly sore. No back pain or anything like that. Energy levels have been about the same as normal. Took my last blood last month since all was well. All I can say is if you’re not clear yet hang in there because the results are worth it 100 percent. Until next time!
  3. EggplantSmirk

    Week four

    Week 4 Holy! It’s been a month already and things are better. No more cysts which is always nice cause they suck big time. Now it just a matter of healing these spots. I workout six days a week and am always sore but no more than usual. I workout 2-4 hours a day and I’ve had no problems yet. I think people get paranoid about side effects because they make you read and sign off on all the “possible” side effects, which they do so they won’t get sued. All I can say is I’ve only had chapped lips and dry face. ***not saying side effects are not real. Accutane is a powerful drug and obviously it’s up to you and your doctor to discuss. For me it was worth the risk, and I’ve been lucky enough to have minimal sides. Remember dose and length of treatment plays a large role in sides.
  4. EggplantSmirk

    Day 51

    My skin has continued to stay clear. I had one pimple on my right cheek which felt deep under the skin. I don’t think I ever popped it because it never came to the surface....it’s almost cleared up now. It wasn’t that bad because legit the rest of my skin is clear besides a few tiny ones around my chin. My buddy even commented that my skin looked super clear. I woke up itching behind my legs and arms last week but after moisturizering the areas and drinking more water I haven’t been itchy. I’ve been lifting more weight and I’ve started to get sore knees. Could be accutane but I think I may have lifted too much because my elbows are not sore. Thats about all till next time.
  5. EggplantSmirk

    Day 42

    Today was the first day my skin has felt almost flawless. I looked in the mirror and just smiled cause the improvement is just awesome. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen clear skin. On another note, I thought the blackheads on my nose we’re all out but I’m still getting some come out here and there. I did have one pimple today on my chin but it was so small I didn’t even mess with it. I have been washing my face with warm water and nothing else. No more having to apply benzoyl peroxide cream night and day. Just rinse, moisturize, and go. It’s a good feeling. Lips are dry like always but at my dose anyways it’s not bad. I did have a spot of skin the back of my hand that feels dry to the touch but it’s weird because it doesn’t look dry or red. My arms have got dry after a hot shower but the dryness is a one on a scale of 1-10.
  6. EggplantSmirk

    Day 40

    Day 40- So far I am happy with my treatment. I have a couple tiny pimples on my chin and one that I picked at which is almost healed. Week three the blackheads started coming to the surface. Now most of it is out I think! My skin feels very smooth. I felt like shit week 2-3 not because the medication, just cause my face was worse. But it was worth it 110%. I really hope it only gets better from here. I met with my derm at one month and she said I was good to go but she kept my dose at 40mg. I weigh around 165. I know it’s low but I’m fine with it because side effects are minimal and worse case I take it a bit longer. Not a fan of the whole I pledge thing where I’m a dude but I understand. Tips for anyone drink a lot of water, get good sleep, eat healthy, exercise,and let the accutane work it’s magic! I can’t believe I waited this long to get on this medication. I already feel more like my old self now that my skin is clear!
  7. EggplantSmirk

    Week two

    Week 2- Continued to break out with cysts but but the end of this week they stoped and I was only getting regular Whitehead’s and blackheads. My ears got dry but it was just cause they got a bit sunburnt. Otherwise my lips are getting dry but the medicated blistex works good for me. Face getting dry but really not that bad. Using a cetaphil mosturizer for that.
  8. EggplantSmirk

    Accutane week one

    Week one- Not much to report for week one but by the end of the week I noticed my skin was less oily. Day six I started to get a couple cysts which I haven’t had since high school but I don’t really care cause I know I’ll clear up soon enough.
  9. EggplantSmirk

    Accutane Journey Begins

    Hi, if you’re reading this you’re probably on accutane or thinking of it. Reading these blogs has helped me out so I figured I would share my story as well. I’m a 24yo male who has had persistent moderate acne since middle school. As most people out there I tried everything to get my clear skin back....for almost ten years, but nothing was working. My friend recently mentioned how he cleared his skin using accutane so I made a trip to the derm.