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  1. Hey everyone, been on accutane now for about 28 days it kicked in 1 week in, im on 30 mg 81 kg 6 ft, derm put me on low dose to see how it works, only had mild dryness that started about 1 week and a half in and that stopped at the 20th day but skin is not oily more like normal and smooth and glowing, i do have chapped lips very mild, i had a small initial breakout, and stopped breaking out for almost a week and a half now except for 2 tiny pimples on eyebrows and 1 ingrown hair hopefully stays
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    ??????????? Anyone ?????
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    Can anyone add something
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    Hey everyone so i am a male 20 yo 1,81 cm 82 kg been on 30 mg accutane for like 16 days now, i know 30 is low but the derm is kinda too cautious, he might increase my dose but slightly and he plans that my course lasts 6 months, now 30 mg has been very tolerable, mild face driness, mild lips driness, no joint paint what so ever even tho i lift, mood changed to the better acutally (smh) i actually sit in the table with the family laugh smile more energitic to be honest dunno why, havent been ou
  5. Would anyone give a reply jeeez
  6. Hey everyone so i did my blood tests all is great perfectly healthy but my total cholesterol was like 1.79 g/l which was well in the laboratory range of 1.4-2 but derm told me it’s kinda high to start accutane at such cholesterol he wanted to be at 1.5 to 1.6, is he right or what ? and he told me try to drop it in 20 days if its in the wanted range bu then u can do accutane
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    I’ve read and googled everything about accutane youtube vids all of it, the dermatologist that i am currently seeing is also a faculty professor who goes from time to time to work at the city’s hospital so i kinda think he knows what he is doing and what he is taliing about or at least i hope so and i am 20
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    I am determined hopefully it will be a good thing
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    I knw each side effect and i knw what the ones that they classified as rare but if anything happens i can always come off right? And what if nothing happens who knows, but when u say permanent which ones are u talking about
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    hey peeps since i got home from the stats i went to two different derms before finally finding one just today like 10 mins who was willing to give me accutane he suggested it actually and i said yes but i am worried about his approach he said we ll do it for 6 months 40 mg (half my weight ) and when u start clearing we ll start lowering dosage but i was wondering what about the accumulitive dosage that i am supposed to get is he right or should i try to get him to dose it up when its time and al
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    Considering accutane

    Let’s say the skin will clear itself by a set age, will going on accutane before that time affect the fact that you might clear up in that set age ?