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  1. do you still have acne?

  2. Love you honey! Mwa :-* You can have my soupy in the fridge if I can have another massage later yay xxx

  3. Aw, I wanna hear it. Will you message me? I've been dating a guy online for a year and a half now. I love stories like that, it's really encouraging since some people take it so negatively.

  4. yup, around 2-3 years ago now. Its a great story with the best ending.

  5. o.o You met your fiance here? lol

  6. The only way I did it was to fast for a week only drinking cucumbers. The used Olive leaf and oil of oregano. I stick to 2 kiwis per day and eat 2 high carb meals a week (sweet or white potatoes) the reast of my carbs are from vegtables. Coconut oil is another weapon to beat candidia. Also chromium and alpha lipolic acid help the action of insulin to drive carbs from the blood into the cells and muscles! I can hand on heart say a high sugar/fruit combo will only lead to keeping candidia alive.
  7. Candidia can cause acne if it is over grown to the point where the liver cant handle the extra burden. How does meat turn to sugar? It raises insulin and can be used as energy by glucogenesis when needed, but the sugar part I dont even see happening. The problem with excess meat is it tends to slow the bowels down too much and without fiber tends to rot in the bowels leading to a toxic bowel. I dont eat much meat myself as you can get plently elswhere, much better quality that will pack on m
  8. Ive read alot into this myself and have found conflicting reports. One says that if you have a problem with candidia then its best to avoid them(most people with acne tend to struggle with this) and the fact the yeast take up alot of room in the supplement its hard to hit a theraputic dose. However I have read that the yeast is dead in the supplement when it is dried and its alot more natural to the body in the case of brewers yeast. Im using Selenium based on brewers yeast and Chromium GTF al
  9. One word. HEMP. By far the best and its miles better then whey. Its what you absorb that builds muscle and what you need is positive ion protein. Not negative protein or 'dead' protein like whey. Whey will create a layer of gunk all across the bowels because its not able to be fully absorbed...thus leading to less food and protein being absorbed as your bowels arnt absorbing as much because of this layer of gunk. It also creates an acidic environment while hemp is the opposite. If you dont b
  10. Zinc Methionine like xboxfreak says is bang on the money. It hasnt caused me a jott of a problem and ive taken it at 30-100mg for over a year.
  11. I do aswell. Always start my day with a bag of lemons with some cranberry juice and kiwis. Keeps me detoxing untill afternoon then I start eating some 3-4 meals and supplements.
  12. Yes, buy the book by Anne Wigmore about Wheatgrass, its very cheap and will give insight into wheatgrass. Use powdered wheatgrass and hemp powder. Hemp is great for the blood just like wheatgrass. Your after chlorophyll, albumin and globulin edistin to help make more red blood cells. Iron will help but magnesium would be better.
  13. Cooking some foods like Broccoli, Cabbage, Colliflower etc helps destroy the enzyme inhibitors. Cooking starchy foods like spuds helps break it down to be more bioavailable. Eating a pure raw diet isnt perfect either as the Pancrease which needs to be slightly alkaline will become stressed and become overly alkaline. While the same can be said but the other way around for other organs. Like the bowels need to be slightly acidic. The balance in the diet is crucial because it tends to boil dow
  14. More plausable is the fact your helping your body and it WILL get worse before it gets better. It was the same with myself. My change came about and I got even more lymph spots the size as pennies on my neck. I got through it tho and only get them if I neglect my body or I resume a good diet after a long lay off.
  15. I used to try heating my goats milk to 170F, as they tell you to do to sterilize it; It always taste like, well, like what the goat smells like .... hormones or something in there coat... lmao! Goats look stupid imo