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  1. Hey so my acne is pretty much on and off. Ive had short periods of time when my face is completely clear, then it all it takes is one bad shave and I'm back to the usual problems with acne for a few weeks. Sometimes it compounds because I'm not able to shave when I have acne, etc. I tend to get a lot of pustules around my mouth. Does anyone have any tips on how I should shave, what kind of exfoliants I should use? It seems like no matter what I try it doesnt seem to work. Ive been on proactiv fo
  2. Hey guys, I was just wondering what you think a good way to handle white heads are. I tend to get them above and below my mouth. It gets pretty annoying and some get big and gross. I wanna refrain from popping them, but do you guys know any good methods to get them down fast or kill them b4 they start...i get them all the time and i cant stop them no matter how well i follow the regimen....thanks!