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  1. So what exactly does this colon cleansing suppose to do? I mean when I eat food, it goes through the stomach and intestines, nutrients are absorbed and what is not absorbed is exited (don't know what the right word is, sorry for my bad english....). Why would I need to do any kind of "cleansing"?
  2. I might also add that low-carb and ketogenic diet is nice for the teeth. I've had two softenings in the enamel of the teeth and they are starting to remineralize, because there is basically no carbs in my diet at the moment. Also I use a lot of xylitol gum, so that helps too.
  3. Well, I guess that these things work differently depending on the country that you live in. In here the health care system pays a lot of the expenses on dental care. But they don not pay for gold or ceramic fillings. That why I said that those mercury fillings are a lot cheaper. I don't think that composites are very good for the back teeth, aren't they too soft to put in there? To Ben why do you think that they should be replaced after 10 years or so? My doctor took an x-ray from the teeth in
  4. I feel pretty much the same way. Some days my skin is greasy as hell, I don't know why. Some days is a bit drier, I don't know why. While I've been on this ketogenic diet, I pretty much eat the same foods every day. I go to the gym, I go to work, I don't do anything different, but my skin acts differently every day. Actually it can change drastically within an hour. It's a weird thing.
  5. The problem is that those metal fillings are cheap and very durable. I've had one for 18 years and it's still in good shape. Ceramic and gold fillings are a lot more expensive.
  6. Here is some stuff of nutrition and hormones from Volek, who is pretty respected guy from what I've heard. It seems to say that high-fat meals decrease total and free testosterone levels. But it also states that studies have shown that acute elevations in insulin do not affect total or free testosterone levels in healthy normal normal weight men or women. Of course I don't know what they consider to be a healthy person.
  7. Dream on. A kid from my hometown is on the Olympic "benchteam" for swimming and even though he hasn't touched a pool, he called home saying that he's had 5 drug tests in his first 4 days in Athens.
  8. Haven't been looking at women's weightlifting, have you?
  9. I found this product from the drug store. It contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, magnesium sulfate, triclosan and zinc sulfate. Tried it this morning at it stings like crazy. Would I still need to use BP with this stuff or is it an overkill? Anyone else heard of this stuff, does it actually help?