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  1. sounds like perioral dermatitis or folliculitis, but im leaning towards perioral dermatitis. This can be caused by corticosteroid use, such as the Fluticasone.
  2. could be fungal folliculitis. which is why it's not responding to the antibiotics very well. chronic Tetracycline antibiotic use has been known to cause fungal folliculitis. it appears that the antibiotics that you have used are all various tetracycline-based medications. look up "Malassezia (Pityrosporum) folliculitis scalp". If you are still dealing with this, next time ask the derm for an oral antifungal. Topical antifungals, such as the nizoral you tried, are ineffective against chronic case
  3. jenna91

    Waste of Money

    Waste of Money

    I begged my mom to buy this for me when I was a teen (about eight years ago). I had seen it on the Tyra banks show lol. Well, it did absolutely nothing for my skin but make my pimples worse.