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  1. This is my right cheek update . I realized, no other treatments will improve my icepicks but only tca cross.
  2. @thepwhisp i think its yes ! Here's my latest before / after . Same angle . Same lightning.. My scars on my temples almost fillep up , but it takes time. And Im planning to do tca cross for the icepicks.
  3. i had different procedure from 5 months after i did tca cross. Now ? Looks Much better . But STILL have icepicks.
  4. 5 months ago i had treatment of tca cross for my icepick scars and after 1 week my scars looks wide and larger thats why Im afraid doing it again. Any advice ?
  5. Can tca cross combine with laser at the same procedure ?
  6. Help ..question .Can i take 1 tablet every other day even i had treatments for my scars? . I think 10mg every other day doesn't affect healing for my treatments ?
  7. Notokel


    @Scars_Hope i dont think because of filler , coz when i had infini my scars are much better now than before without infini.
  8. Notokel


    But NOKOR is not readily available here in Manila.
  9. Notokel


    i also take vitamin c 2000mg per day, to promote collagen formation. I think i have last 2 more sessions
  10. Notokel


    After 3rd treatment, this is my left cheek now before/after . Did i achieved 50% or 70% improvement ? My temples are still deep my doctor said this is toxic area ( hard to treat ). any advice for my temples ?
  11. Notokel


    Just had infini RF yesterdey , what do i expect ? will infini affect the filler ?
  12. subcision filler combined with laser .
  13. Which one is best for removing dark spot, acne marks. Need advice. How to apply ? Thanks.
  14. So much happy with my improvement. But my temples are still deep, hard to treat area. But overall i saw great results . Dont lose hope