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  1. Your derm is correct end of the day you will be getting the same effects from 60mg as you would from 80mg the process of what it is doing is the same however by going upto 80 that is a high dose and obviously as a result the side effects will become worse and back pain is a nightmare if your lucky enough to not be getting it at 60mg! The bacteria thing is complete rubbish so dont worry the job of accutane isnt to kill bacteria so by increasing the dose it wont 'kill more bacteria' hope th
  2. Haha thanks guys! I just hope everyone else has had or gets the same great improvements!
  3. Look dont worry!!! Roaccutane is an unbelieveable drug however it effects people in diffrent ways but please dont worry about things becoming worse. Im presuming at such a young age, for him to go on roaccutane was rather severe! So there will be a lot of spots that where undeveloped as the process of a spot where the sebacious glands and so on become blocked can take upto 3 months too show and therefore these are most likely these new spots will be, he has obviously experienced a strong initia
  4. Yeah upon finishing my accutane course nearly 2 years ago I was around 5ft 11 now im at 6ft 2 so accutane didnt stunt my growth. However the reason people may believe this is due to the fact accutane causes joint problems in terms of aching joints when doing things such as workouts and running and things... I did experience pain when doing such activities this I believe is due to accutane drying fluid and oil like things out hence the drying of skin and the reason you experience this pain in
  5. Haha neither im not liverpool or everton, im a chelsea fan lol!! And when I was on tane my skin became much more managable and less breakouts after around 2 months! However say in month 4 of accutane i would get random outbreaks and cysts. Due to my skin being very dry it kind of looked strange my face as it was all peeling ect but after tane id say around 2 weeks after you could see the amazing diffrence it had made!! Remember though after your course it usually carries on working for ar
  6. Hey, yeah expect a little break out post tane this is nothing to worry about but I also would expect tane too have cured you 100% in terms of you never getting pimples again, I do still get pimples now and again like little break out which will consist of around 3 little pimples every 2 weeks for instance but they only last say a day and you can simply pop them and out some bp cream over them or dont pop them and use the bp cream to dry them out its really managable so dont worry. With regard
  7. Thanks mate, due to me being only 16 and rather small at the time I started on 20MG for the first month and then it raised to 30mg for 3 months then a further 4 months at 40mg It was being effective at 40mg so no need for an increase
  8. Haha we sure do buddie and I am left with no indented scars at all however I am left with two tiny marks on my jawline which is scar tissue raised from above the skin, they are fading however can hardly see them now, but they where red and now there just pale you can just feel them though but now I have a slight beard so they dont affect me at all. I didnt have any post treatment either I could have had a laser to remove slight blemishs however I was more than satisfied with the results
  9. e45 is all you need:) get the cream and aplly an no dryness:D
  10. once aday is better than 2 times aday aslong as your face isnt getting dirty inbetween such as playing football/soccer ect due to the fact if you over wash you can strip the skin of its essential vitamins aand minerals and especially the oil in which case has to be replaced by moisturiser
  11. yes dont pick it and now that your body has a little time to recover do a body detox to get rid offf all crap in your liver and that:D
  12. awww nice one:) im on bout day 25!!! seeing improvment already (Y) lets hope you stay clear forever xx