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  1. thanks, so would the liquid be recommended for me since i have oily skin
  2. what are the major different between paula's bha gel, lotion, and liquid? which is best for non inflamed
  3. Hey, i think the AHA is an amazing product. i, too, had initial breakouts and would extract the tiny whiteheads. my only complaint is that it sometimes feels too "sticky" on my skin, and i don't know if this is normal or my skin isn't absorbing it. i mostly have comedone acne, and few white heads here and there i exfoliate with st ives, and then i hop in the shower, and i put on my AHA afterwards. also, sunlight is really good for your skin. if you can, get about 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day,
  4. i've read many articles and posts that say that alcohol is very detrimental to your skin. try to avoid it
  5. thanks a lot guys. these tips were really helpful. i live in seattle btw
  6. thanks. but i dont have a credit card. so i'm looking for places where i can buy it otc
  7. hey guys. i was wondering where glycolic acid products are available otc?? i have had no luck in finding any walgreens? trader joes? safeway?
  8. jojoba oil is it otc? and which local drugstores can i go to to buy... thanks for responses
  9. any good glycolic products OTC at my local drugstore, I haven't any luck finding any. i'm primarily trying to reduce facial oil. thanks for any responses
  10. possible chance of leaving scars/dark marks on skin as well?
  11. oxy daily cleansing pads contains 46% alcohol, but also 2%bha. would this much amount of alcohol be really bad for my skin? or will it cleanse is thoroughly? i have oily skin with comedones, no inflamed.
  12. washing off bp after 10min after i apply it. no moisturizing... for me, it 'feels' a lot more effective because i can feel my skin being more dry. i'm guessing this is because the bp is working. when i just apply it normally, and leave it on, it doesn't try me out. i don't think it absorbs. i use zapzyt 10% bp gel btw