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  1. I still think heart transplants are still science fiction. If you can trade hearts with someone anything is possible. Don't lose faith. Hey everyone, I got acell about a month ago, cost me 500 bucks for a spoon worth of powder anyways, ive tried using it after self needling and havent seen good results. I would like your opinion on what procedure i should do to maximize the full potential of Acell. BTW its nearly impossible to get acell from a doctor (PS or derm), went to 8 of them! finally
  2. Hey lamarr1986, Been following for awhile, finally just posting. Although dermalgrafting has been the most beneficial treatment i have had thus far, your advice on needling has helped me greatly. Quick question though, i assume u bought a pen device too from the site u mentioned awhile back. Can you let me know which device you used? is it this one? http://www.glucosemeters4u.com/bd-optimus.htm Ohh one more thing, on ur first post u mentioned u needled ur scar monthly? should i be waiting mon
  3. Yeah i have several doctors appt's lined up in hopes to get a prescription (its so hard), once i obtain the product ill try needling and then applying the product over it. Not going to do anything drastic yet that's for sure.
  4. Welcome Jay2008 to the forum, i just starting re-posting after a year. Keep us updated. I've done many procedures with positive and negative outcomes and have had improvement. anyways, Idonthaveacne i would be weary about stem cell serums, sounds like marketing at its best. Its pretty much dermarolling and putting a serum on ur face for a lot of money. You can pretty much do the same thing at home for a tenth of the cost i.e http://www.stemcellskincare.com/Stem_Cell_..._Care_Serum.htm and buyin
  5. Reading a little further into the link you posted: http://longevityskinandlaser.com/Stem%20Ce...%20Revision.htm It sounds like it has nothing to really do with stem cells, sounds a lot like dermarolling or needling in which you injure the area and let your own bodies stem cells regenerate the wound. I dont know for sure but ill email to make sure. If stem cells are actually used or injected into the face then that would be a procedure worth looking at.
  6. He lamarr1986, Do you use Terproline Professional or the regular one? Also, do you think the product is beneficial or is their a product in the US that is equally good. thx
  7. Well, I just had my appointment with my plastic surgeon that “specializes†in scar revision. I had high hopes for him, but turned out to be a large disappointment. From the start he started pushing lasers, not even new ones either, and tried to make me feel stupid by asking him about procedures like dermal grafts, excision, and subcision. After talking to him for 10 mins about excision he said he was will to do just one on me. Then I brought up Acell, and he said he didn’t believe in the ef
  8. Hey does anyone know if BioNuesis by histogen would be safe to apply on human skin. I have some of this stuff just sitting in the fridge but too scared to apply it after nikkigirl's virus example lol. I was just gonna experiment but prolly just toss it if their is even a chance of me catching a virus. Thanks and please respond to this stupid question lol.
  9. I mainly have boxcar scars with a couple rolling, mostly located on the cheeks. I just bought a 1.5 dermaroller and numbing cream. Kind of excited and nervous about it at the same time. I know patience is the biggest factor with scars, but i'm giving it about another year then just doing fillers to "fix" it. I was going to do fillers earlier but then i wouldn't be able to do treatments like needling which actually try to "fix" the scars. I plan on doing needling for a little bit longer and then
  10. ohh nice! needling is a good cost-effective treatment. I have been doing it for a few months and liking the results. I might move up to 1.5mm, how long are u waiting between ur sessions?
  11. Well im thinking about ordering histogen, so how would i apply the product? use it as a filler, after excisions, subcision, or needling? im asking for an opinion, i know most here aren't qualified to know. My doctor agreed to contact A-cell, so i think im gonna do fraxel re-pair during December so i have a month to heal before going back to grad school.
  12. So is histogen available for consumers to order or is a prescription required? I have a meeting with my dermatologist this Thursday and would like to know what would be the best way to use acell or histogen so I can try to get him on board with it. Should I get fraxel repair, excisions, needling, subcision, and so on. I’m kinda confused on how to actually utilize the product once it’s acquired. Any comments and opinions would be appreciated thanks.
  13. also i contacted a PS about the adding acell to the procedure and this was the response if anyone was curious. "....that treatment is "way overkill" as the Fraxelis not a full thickness injury which is what the ECM is designed for." let me know thoughts on this subject.
  14. Thx Neca, I will try the acell and fraxel repair mid-October. Dont worry i will make a log throughout my experience and update everyone who is interested. if i see noticeable improvement, i might try acell on excision and subcision. Right now seems like applying it after fraxel would be a good way of testing it.