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  1. I just use the generic over the counter spot treatment. I don't really know if it works but, it does make me feel better. Ha Ha. It may all just be mental. However, I don't think that my skin could really get any drier. So who cares? I don't know about prescription stuff though. I guess that is up to you as to whether or not to try it out. Good luck on your course!! I'm in the middle of month 4 and can't wait to get off!! I want my lips back. Ha Ha!
  2. I have the same thing. Except instead of mine ending in the third month, it is now starting at the beginning of my fourth month. It doesn't really bother me too badly though. I would rather have dry skin than acne any day. Hope this helps!!! Good luck on your course!!!
  3. I had that happen to me in the middle of my third month. My skin broke out worse than ever. Now I am just entering month 4 on 60mg/day and I actually see an improvement. I think that it was just my skins way of "purging" out my clogged pores. I still have a couple of actives now and really dry skin on my face, but nothing that is out of the ordinary. Stick with it. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks you will see an improvement.
  4. You get it tested before they will give you the perscription. Then, you will have to get it done every month. Usually you get a blood test like 3-7 days before your appointment with the derm. That way they have the results when you come in for your appt.
  5. Well, I'll just say that as a college student I drink every Friday and Saturday. My tests always come back just fine. My last test my derm said that all my levels were perfectly normal. I am on 60 mg/day at 135 pounds.
  6. I am just going into month 4 of my accutane (60mg/day). For my face wash I use the cetaphil bar soap for sensitive skin. Then, after washing I use the liquid cetaphil. I just put it on my face and dab up the excess with a towel. I have been doing this for the past few days and my skin is not nearly as dry and noticeably softer. I know what you mean about the shaving thing too. It works really well to moisturize after shaving. Both products are also non-comodogenic, meaning that they will
  7. I know how you feel. Last weekend I was totally run down. I had just had a break out, and all I wanted to do was stay in my room. As a very social college student this was very hard for me. All I wanted to do was go out and meet girls and just feel normal. I mean I am 21 years old and not a bad looking guy. The problem is I do get those break outs. You just don't feel like you can be normal when you are in your 20's and are still dealing with a problem that is meant for hormonal teenagers
  8. Good luck dude. It's a long road though. Don't get discourage if it and when it gets worse before it gets better. I am just finishing up my third month and my acne is worse than when I started. Hopefully from here on out it will get better. But, best of luck to you!!!!
  9. I am nearing the end of three months on my cycle and I just had a pretty bad breakout on my chin. From what I can tell up until like the three or four month point anything can happen. So just stick with it is all that I can say. It seems like a lot of people on here who have made it past about the fourth month have noticed a significant improvement. Good luck and stay strong with it!!!
  10. You can also try cetaphil. You can wash your face with it, and it is really good at keeping your skin moist and also won't clog your pores. You can even leave it on your skin at night with no ill effects. Good luck I hope this helps!!!
  11. Cool thanks a lot. I'm just trying to get a round about time as to when I will actually see results. This process is such a pain in the ass. I hope that it is worth it. Thanks again!!!
  12. I am no doctor. However, your case is much more severe than mine is and I am on accutane. Talk to your derm about it. I would say that you are for sure though. Good Luck!!!
  13. I know this way off the subject. But, did you start clearing by the fourth month? No one can really give me a straight answer on this. I am just finishing my third month and would just like to know where you were at that point.
  14. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do have a lot of clogged pores there. Could it just be my skins way of purging itself? I have no idea. Is there anything that you can do to help with the redness. Makeup is kind of out of the question seeing as how I am a guy. But, if it gets any worse it may come to that. Thanks again for those of you that have replied!!!
  15. How long does it usually take to see decent results? Like I said it is just very discouraging when you go through three months of treatment and your face looks worse than when you started.