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  1. If you can read the whole thing, that'll be great! Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I see big patches of red marks.. I don't know if this is acne or hyper pigmentation.. Whenever I wash my face, my left side is usually smooth and has the occasional bumps.. but there is dark red marks.. On my right side, there are red marks but I can feel some large bumps that are under the skin.... I'm 14 right now and I just find it weird for me to have hyperpigmnetation at this age.. I did have acne be
  2. You don't have to use toners.. and salilycic acid can irritate the skin.. If the pimple popped on its own.. just let it heal by itself.. gentle cleansers and moisturizers are good and you don't have to use chemical peels because they'll just irritate and dry out the skin.
  3. You may be right.. i changed my diet because i was pissed at my moderate acne.. i changed my diet at the same time when i recieved my doxycyclince and my acne got soo bad like my face just broke out randomly
  4. I got rid of all "bad" foods for acne and it didn't seem to do anything. Most of my acne is caused from stress and horomonal imbalance.. Thank you though.
  5. q_q.n

    Quan Nguyen

    Going on accutane soon.. this is my pre-accutane pictures.
  6. It started this mid August.. I was back from a camping trip and back from staying at my cousin's house for the whole summer. School was starting to begin and I only had moderate acne at that time. But in September... all hell broke loose and I don't know why. I began to pop pimples and thought that if I cleaned my face after I popped them then everything would be okay... I was wrong. I began to break out.. I went my GP and he prescribed me doxycycline, tretinoin(retina), and benzymacin. Now this