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  1. BACKSTORY (CAN SKIP IF YOU DON'T CARE...CAN GO RIGHT TO THE QUESTIONS): Hi guys. I'm a 29 year old male who mainly gets some blackheads around the nose area and a few on my forehead (but you know I remove them haha) and cysts on my face (temples, eye area, forehead mainly). Now I have been on Carley's Clear and Smoothe for over 6 years. I cannot say a bad word about them. I actually made a review about them on here before. They have WONDERFUL products. It was working for me for years bu
  2. Ok so I basically get the occasional cystic acne and whiteheads. Lately, I would say that the majority of my acne is red bumps filled with white stuff (sorry not sure of the proper term lol) I'm definitely not plagued by acne and do consider myself lucky for this. I know that some have it way way worse than I do. What I'm wondering is this: 1) Would the lights work for someone with my type of acne? 2) Does anyone have similar acne and have had improvements or were the people who tried the l
  3. I know what you mean. I've never had terrible acne but kids, teenagers and adults are cruel. What I find is that when you pick on someone or don't defend someone who's getting picked on, you divert the attention and others aren't picking on you at that time. It's a sick vicious cycle. My brother had acne that was similar to what you describe yours to be. He was tortured for it and got into many MANY fights. I personally am not a big fan of antibiotics but I can say that Accutane really wor
  4. I know it's gonna be tough with the acne taking away your confidence. What I can recommend is to get a facial before the concert/date (1-2 days before is best in case of bad reaction to facials...) It may not help all that much with the zits that are forming but the rest of your skin will GLOW, which is always good for confidence. Also, you could do this all depending on how you feel. Apply some concealer on the zits...However, make sure it's a concealer that won't show...Good luck.
  5. Glycolic acid (also called hydroxyacedic acid) comes from sugar crops. It's a great exfoliator and in a higher concentration is a great peel. All depending on the peel that you get, it should get rid of the top layer of the skin (you kind of peel like a snake basically lol) It's good to reduce wrinkles, acne scaring and such. It's a good painless easy way to improve the skin. Hope this answers your question.
  6. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all hate our zits and pick at them. One tip that i can give you is this. If you're going to pick, try using Q-tips. Use 2 of them obviously and substitute them for your fingers. If the zit is ''ready'' to be popped, it will with the gentle pressure of the Q-tips. If not, you know that picking at it with your fingers would leave marks and such. Also, stop squeezing as soon as you see blood. I'm not saying that picking is a good idea, but this is the best
  7. Ok so I've been on benzaclin twice daily and Medrol once at night. My skin has become so incredibly flaky. I tried to moisturize. I used Marcelle with SPF during the day and Cetaphil moisturizer at night or during the day if I didnt have to go out in the sun. My skin was still flaking like mad. I am now taking a break from the benzaclin and medrol. It's been 3 days and my skin is much better (not flaky) Here are my questions: 1) Is taking a break from these meds bad? 2) When I restart,
  8. Unless your doctor needs your skin to be really dry for some kind of a treatment that you are getting (and I can't honestly think of any treatments requiring this), I can't say why they would tell you not to moisturize until you are 30. First of all, our skin ages differently due to many factors. I can't see why 30 is such an important number. Dry skin will show wrinkles and fine lines more and will make your skin look older much faster. Also, if you don't moisturize, your skin will make mor
  9. I was on mino and got light peels with no problems. I went to LCI spa (laser incorporated something lol) which is a medical spa. It was either retin-a peel or glycolic peel...I forget. You should be ok. Talk to your Gp if you're really worried. I know that personally, my skin can take alot. I've never had severe acne...just the odd spots that appear 4-5 at a time, dissapear and the same cycle restarts. Hope this helps
  10. Ok so this is my first post. I'll begin by saying hi to everyone! I've read this post for a long time and finally decided to join. I need some advice... My dermatologist can only be reached like every 3 months and cosmeticians lie to sell!! I've found many suggestions on this website very informative and figure I would ask. My type of acne: I've never been extremely afflicted with acne. I'm now 23 and still suffer from break outs. I can have 4-5 at a time (usually smaller white heads an