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  1. it's so depressing that i have so many tank tops and other shirts that reveal parts of my back or chest and i cant even wear any of them!! unless it was for swimming i don't even remember the last time i wore a tank top with clear skin.
  2. I totally love the St. Ives Apricot Scrub! it was the only scrub that didn't irritate my skin it actually made it very soft on the parts of my skin where I don't have acne, it was cheap and it smelled nice too! I use a normal cleanser in the morning and i use the scrub at night. I also use it on my back everytime I shower, it feels very good!
  3. do you think you could like mix sea salt and water in a spray bottle and spray it on your back and wash it off later instead of bathing in it because it takes up so much time..?
  4. you could ask somone to put it on for you
  5. omgg ur back is soooo nice!!!! i want it...
  6. you shouldn't worry so much about your back just relax, if he truly likes you he wouldn't care about how your back looks like good luck on your date! :D
  7. i have horrible bacne and chest acne andn i am going to mexico in about a month and a wedding to attend a week later, any ideas on how to clear my bacne and chest acne before then? i feel like i've lost hope. *sigh*....
  8. this sounds instresting! i'm just wondering if 1. you absolutely HAVE to use the tea tree oil with the vinegar or can you just use the vinegar alone by itself 2. how long did it take to clear your back 3. would regular white vinegar work? THANKS A BUNCH!!!! :D:D:D:D
  9. thanks for the awesome tips! i liked the "try to exercise for at lest 3 mins a day- put on some crazy music on a dance and go mad for a few tracks" one Lol!
  10. i hate it when ur talking to somone and then they start looking at ur acne! it's like.. can u ... stop..?