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  1. Hello all! I just wanted to post a little topic, since I keep on seeing posts of people whose diets have stopped acne. Well, lucky you!! Unfortunately it never worked for me (and one time on a particular diet I irritated my tummy really bad and it took weeks to heal). My sister, who has great skin, is a huge milk drinker and has been all her life, and is addicted to chocolate. No she's not fat (hehe!). However, she almost never wears makeup and doesn't wash her face much or apply cream. Peop
  2. About 3 people -on this thread only- are from Vancouver. I am too. Of the small amount of people who answered to this thread, three people have registered to acne.com and are from the same "non acne-prone" city! I think the odds are great that we have a lot of acne here too!!! LOL!!
  3. Hey that's quite an interesting topic! I believe I've had exactly the opposite reaction. At the worse part of my life, when I had really bad acne and braces and untamed afro-like hair, I started being this really uplifting, smiling and funny person, and it made me good friends and gave me attention, even though I looked like the ugly duckling! After realising that I was actually getting attention from guys, I noticed that people don't really care for a pretty face that much, they like positiv
  4. Hey there!! I have the same problem and felt a wee bit silly today, so I made a little picture-tutorial on my "receipe" for covering dark circles, just for you! Unfortunately, I used a webcam to take pictures and it looks awful no matter what! Haha... But I can say it works for me. So here it is, along with some tips that are tried, tested and true (there are others, but I haven't tried them): -always take off all eye makeup carefully before sleep -you can put your eye cream in the fridg
  5. I tried a pore strip, only once (since I didn't have any pimples that day on the nose and it's quite rare! ) and only one blackhead came out. It was quite impressive to see that little guy stickin' to the pore strip, but it has left a hole on the tip of my nose! It's been at least 5 years since I did this, and forever I have this open pore that looks like a little hole on my nose. Very odd and not pleasant... Hail concealer! )
  6. When I went off Mino I kept using my topical treatment (which was clindoxyl), and my acne was under control still. I could have beneficiated from changes in my topical treatment since I was no longer combining it with Mino, but overall my acne never got to the point it was before Mino. It helped me so much, hope it will be alright with you! Don't worry!
  7. Here is the search results for it: CLICK HERE!! There is quite a bit of info, and I am interested in trying it as well :) Oops, it doesn't seem to work when I looked up that link..?
  8. The hardest part is getting the shade right! I suggest a concealer that's slightly darker, combined with a powder that's one shade lighter than the concealer. There are two main types of complexion, and it's either more or less rose-y or more or less olive-y. I love Maybelline Superstay silky (there's a topic on the subject) but not everyone likes it. Why don't you put a picture of your face, maybe we can help you with the shade? Good luck to you!!
  9. I was on Mino too, and it scared the hell out of me since I usually don't ever take antibiotics, but I'm really grateful I did it. My acne was moderate to severe and it went down to "mild to moderate". Even after Mino, my acne never got near the "severe" ever again. I'm still stuck with acne (and damn it sucks! ) but in a much, much lesser level than before. Worked for me, and I only had dry mouth for about a week. And some brown-ish marks on the teeth after a few months, in hidden places, and t
  10. Oh! It sounds quite interesting, I had never read about the aspirin mask... was there any other topic on this subject, where I could learn more about it? Is it good for inflammatory acne as well? Thanks!
  11. I live in Vancouver BC, stuff is expensive here! So I go Thrift Store all the way! Needless to say I pay MUCH more for acne treatments than for clothing! tobeacnefree: you get your shoes for free there?? I am so very jealous of you right now!!
  12. Well, well, it has to work for some people! Hehe. Sorry to hear some had a bad experience with it. I do have quite an olive/orange-y complexion, and I blend mineral powder on top, so it fits with me. Ah well, I have to say that it stays put longer than other foundations I have tried in the past 10 years and I am extremely happy with it. I guess you just have to test it in store
  13. I wish you all the best All I can say is that Differin never did anything, ever, for my skin. So maybe your skin is reacting similarly and that stuff just isn't good for you? Then if you try "blasting" with BP, you might have better chances...
  14. Ah, that darn "orange lines" problem with foundation... It did that for me for years, then I became quite good at finding a shade that really matches my skin. But that's also why I use the mineral powder afterwards, one shade lighter, to even it out. It's hard to do, I'm no makeup artist but after 10 years of acne I finally found my way with foundation!! Lol What brand do you use now?