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  1. Yeah, I'm curious too. Good question, 27! So...um, anyone?...can we use Western Union to order?
  2. Well, if you're clumsy like me, it'd be better to get the cooker because it's automatic...one button and it cooks itself. When I first started cooking rice, it was the measurements that tripped me. Here's a tip mi mama taught everyone in mi familia: --1. Scoop the amount of rice you want, usually cookers come with measurements but it really doesn't matter, use a cup even. --2. Over the sink, run it through water five to six times, or rinse until the water's clear. It's to get rid of the ex
  3. I think so...because when you're aroused, your hormones level is higher than your normal...your body’s preparin’ itself for some lovemakin’. Besides, you’ll this urge to finish it--with or without someone--so it’s a lose-lose situation from the get go...<3
  4. polevault1543--I don't watch One Tree Hill but my best friend does, only because she think the blond guy is hot...last time I watched it with her, I fell asleep...blah... Halloween79--*sigh*...yeah, I know whatcha sayin'