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  1. Are you using just jojoba oil, or as a moisturizing product containing jojoba oil? Off the top of my head I don't know if it has a history of helping with rosacea. My only experience with jojoba oil is in this product:Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream. This product seemed to irritate my sensitive skin slightly so I stopped using it. I'm not sure if it was because of the jojoba oil.
  2. My skin is also very dry in certain areas to and my skin is very sensitive. Aqua Glycolic worked well for me but it made my skin peel. I was on Dans regimen and I did it in the middle of the regimen, starting too early. It is a wonderful cleanser though. It actually removed some redmarks I had. I totally recommend it Very good to know! Thank you so much :)
  3. I'm looking at the regimen in your signature and the only lotion I'm seeing is the Alpha Hydrox. Do you use any kind of moisturizer, something without AH or BP? If not, I'd recommend trying to soothe your face with one.
  4. Interesting how similar our skin types are, although I don't get the same reaction as you with the Cetaphil. Now I'm nervous about the Yasmin!
  5. Could anyone tell me if they had success using this with very sensitive fair dry skin? That is what I have and I'm curious if anyone else does too. I just started using ACV as a toner last night so I think I'll give that a few more days before buying another product. The price of this product sounds very reasonable, but my bathroom cabinet is getting a bit crowded!
  6. I've had very good results using Clinique Superfit.
  7. Alright, I'm just adding my name to the list here. I added 50/50 ACV/water to my regimen last night and I'll update with the results later. I have very fair sensitive dry skin that has a lot of redness left over from a bad mix of hormonal inflammation and steroid rosacea. I'm hoping this will do the trick.
  8. Maybe you've had some kind of shift in your hormones? In my case, when I recently started taking birth control pills again I suddenly got itchy red patches on my face. It was horrible. I got off the pills for a few months and I'm going to try a new kind next week. My obgyn believes I won't get the same reaction. When I look back on my acne history, I realize that every time my skin got crazy inflammed with the itchiness, it was due to hormones. You also said you had this problem before sta
  9. It really depends on your skin. Aloe vera gel has some moisturizing properties, but for my dry sensitive skin, I can't rely on aloe vera alone. So I follow up with the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. I imagine for some people the aloe vera may be all they need.
  10. I see the redness you are talking about but it is so mild that I would have to agree with your mother. I know! Not what you wanted to hear! Truly, your skin looks beautiful. I understand that the redness is concerning you and I'm not trying to discount your frustration, but would it help you to know that I would do anything to have my skin look like yours? Do you moisturize at all? The redness may be telling you it needs a little tlc.
  11. Have you tried using some aloe vera gel on your face? I'm using a tube I picked up from Walgreens for about $3 and I like how it helps with the irritation. Its the plain clear aloe vera gel Walgreens brand (NOT the one with menthol).
  12. Wow, you sound so much like me! I completely feel your pain! To answer your main question, you can probably wear makeup so long as it is non-comedogenic and it is moisturizing. But since everyone is different, you may not get the same reaction as everyone else. I know that from personal experience. With my severely red cheeks and chin, I've tried the mineral makeups too, but they seemed to emphasize the flaws in my skin too much. So I've settled with a liquid foundation for now, Clinique S