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  1. I'm really happy for you, your skin looks beautiful ! Unfortunately for me i may have to go back on it, well itf the derm lets me, spots coming back i think i may need a higher dose... i want to get rid for good ! xx
  2. Well i'm kinda dissapointed as my spots are starting to come back.. i have an appointment with my derm tonight and i am going to request to go on accutane ONE more time, mayve a higher does to kill it off for good ! I did carry on with the dose after i originally finished in feb, but little spots came back so my derm put me on 20mg every other day. but now i've been off again for a month they are back again ! I hope he'll let me take it again, i can't cope with having to worry about my skin an
  3. Day 86 I must say life is beautiful, i am feeling really amazing at the moment, i am stress free and now i know how much my skin made me unhappy. Now it is clear and normal, i don't even really think about it anymore, apart from when i'm admiring my skin I had a little break out a week ago, and i will be starting my fourth and final month next Tuesday, can't believe how fast it's flown by !! My skin is not dry at all thanks to the emu oil and cetaphil lotion! My lips have only just started to
  4. wa hey !! Day 77 - can't believe i'll be collecting my fourth last month so sooon I have had a couple of difficult weeks and i really felt down and so crappy , but it now looks more positive and i feel much happier! My skin is looking peachy and very clear, i have one old spot healing near my lip, apart from that skin looks really good, i am so happy !! Naughty Sarah though, as i did drink a couple glasses of wine at the weekend, but i don't feel too bad from it. Hopefully i didn't do any da
  5. Day 63 Well today is much better ! My face is much calmer, i used emu oil last night and today seems to calm the flushing and redness ! Plus my cold is going so nose isn't so red ! Very happy at this as i am going to a poker night on saturday night and the guy i like will be there !! xx
  6. Day 62 !! Oh the redness !! GO AWAY!! I'm not sure if it's because i'm focusing on it more but my face is red much more these last few days:( I do have a cold and my face feels all stuffed up and hot !! My nose is sore and looks like rudolph I've invested in a good foundation, revlom colour stay but this doesn't hide all the redness if i have a bad flush, i am thinking i may get some of that green foundation to put under it . Its not just the redness though as i could probably forget about i
  7. Hi !! yay, yeah theres not many of us on here :)

    Going really well, 2 months nearly finished and its flown by.

    Have one active xx

  8. yay another uker. Hows the acne?

  9. 55 days - nearly half way through !! woohoo So far skin has cleared up a lot everywhere, temples are clear of clogged pores! Forehead is crystal clear, nose and cheeks are clear and smooth, and around mouth has cleared up mostly too! I have a few red marks around my right jawline and mouth from a week long breakout just before my period, this has calmed down a lot and at the moment i have one active on my jaw, which is very slowly going - HURRY UP , please !! I've had a few breakouts on my up
  10. day 49 !! I keep getting breakouts They really aren't that bad i suppose, but my skin was really clear for a while and i kind of got used to it ! I've had 5 beauties in the last week, but its the red marks they eave behind so my skin looks worse than it really is On a plus side though, my eyses feel better and not so dry, my skin has a healthy glow and i feel healthy no aches etc.. Plus i have a date, well i met this guy on a retreat i went too and we are going to meet in a couple of weeks a
  11. Day 37 Well it was going so well and i'm still trying to stay postive but .. My eyes sting and are bloodshot I'm having trouble sleeping so i'm feeling tired and grumpy My nails are all breaking off and really low so it's painful. I tried to help a blackhead out between my eyebrows and the skin came off so now its all red and scabbie ! My stomach feels really strange, i am having trouble eating, my stomach feels really hungry and empty but when i go to eat i can't and the strange hunger feel
  12. Day 31 !! Wow i can't believe it was that long ago since i last posted !! i have been so busy at work and just trying to keep my mind occupied with other stuff. I collected my 2nd month supply today, and so far touchwood i am breezing through. I've had a few breakouts, my lips are slightly dry and split in the corners, and the skin on my arms are peeling !! My skin tone is not so red and sensitive, and feels so smooth, it just looks much healthier. My mood is great i feel happy and i feel like
  13. Happy Birthday katy !! Sounds like you had a great day. I can't believe we've done a month already , it has gone so quickly !! I just picked up my second month dose today!! So far its going so well, a few side effects but i try not to focus on them, but being so busy lately has really helped ! My fingers have been peeling too! And i'll join you on the lips, i yawned in bed and i felt it split on my left side of my mouth , it was horrible !! So i've been putting my aquaphor all around my mouth
  14. Hi Robyn, WOW!! can't believe your on day 37 already, its going so quickly for me too and so far its going really well, just collected my second month supply today!! I'm also getting the light headed dizziness your experiencing, its really wierd, i feel kinda drunk and not with it! Hope that wears off as i'm already called a Dopey Dora!! I'm glad your breakouts have calmed down, i've also had a few off those zits that don't come to a head, i have the red marks left over from those now. I am
  15. Try neutrogena lip balm, it stopped my lips from peeling !! And yes we are lucky there is no sun, as my face burns easily anyway even without accutane !