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  1. Hi, For your moderate acne which have been clearing up fast, to remove all these scars and tightening ur pores... u may wish to try micro dermabrasion at some local facial stores... it work on me... http://www.skinabrasion.net/microdermabrasion.html at least for now my 5th session, my scars are smoothen
  2. Is it necessary for u to be on 40mg accutane daily at ur age? have u started noticing your dry scalp and how thin ur hair is? 120 days ard 3 months, keep noticing them...and by the 6th month, you shld be able to fear... yah take more medicine on top of tane and u will know that its taking more n more medication...
  3. Microdermabrasion sheds the dead skins cells on the top layer of your face. You will see minor results on your first session. Multiple sessions are required depending on the severity of your red/dark marks. It's impossible to say. I had red marks I noticed strong improvement after the fourth treatment. Your dermatologist may offer a microdermabrasion package which is cheaper than paying for each session one at a time. quite true..everyone sees the result differently and at different stage...
  4. aw noone has gotten this done ~ micro derm..are u doing it at face of man? i am on my 4th session to 5th and to be frank..i was worried till my 3rd session....i notice nothing changes except the amount of slightly smaller pores.... but as advice by the beautician there...the changes will show in the 6th or 7th session and for me, i notice smoothening in my 4th session! now im looking forward to my 5th session... i am not so sure abt the redness...as what i notice was the uneven deepness of t
  5. its so painful and big...this cyst starts to stretch my skin as it grew bigger.... i applied BP on it..and realli hope it will stop swelling... headache
  6. My last dominant acne started to erupt...not sure if its good or bad..haha...somehow i felt it is good...at least, the last one that i can get rid of. staying dominant just make it look dark in color...and pouchy on my skin... just hope it will get away soon...applying a lot of BP on it to keep it down... Having a gym session today...
  7. yeah..no active acne is a good start. If you are quite sure that acne has been under controlled, you may wish to reduce more on BP and start using more AHA. Somehow i feel AHA is doing a great job in reducing pores as well as redness red marks are temporary... don feel down.
  8. I am using Garnier Pure A daily moisturiser...pretty good. contains SA and zinc....maybe you can try.
  9. Yeap, just be careful not to leave any scaring from those breakouts. Redness takes few months to clear off, but scars takes forever! Wonderful and all the best to your 2nd interview. Have some confident!
  10. Thanks King My 5th day today, had a tiny breakout...but i applied BP immediately and i think it stop developing into a big acne. there is one zit on my lips as well. Both have dried up since this morning and hopefully wont cause too much damage for me. I am unsure if people in the west are into what the chinese sensei(physician) believes about heatiness in each body. I notice if i have lesser break outs, i would have ulcer developed. And i just got one painful ulcer beneath my tongue...
  11. By the way, do you faces pores issue? i mean have large pores that are visible? If so, you should notice remarkable results after a period with AHA.. I am using neutrogena AHA toner at the moment and it has been almost 3 weeks plus and i notice my pores are tightening. Good luck to you pal!
  12. Hi Eyes, Is the avatar pic u? U really do have a pair of nice eyes..lol, jokes aside, i don really see a bad skin condition on you while straining my eyes on this tiny photo. I thought it looks pretty clear. Just moving slightly out of topic, in Ohio, how is the weather like? I am in Singapore and the weather here is humid and hot. Therefore we are having lots of problems with skin care. I really envy those who lived in cold weather countries. At least when the weather seems too dry for the
  13. hey bro... do note AHA has this burning effect if u applied near ur eyes and as such may cause blurry... to avoid, just don apply too close to your eyes, if not, after applying AHA, close your eyes and let it rest for 5 to 10 mins before re opening. I had this problem when i am using AHA facial wash. Its not a big problem, just make sure it dont get into your eyes.
  14. I have practically lost count on the days in my regimen, i just mark this as my Day 25 My colleagues and friend notice the change on my skin...they mentioned that it is becoming smooth... however i still have 1 dark mark left by a bad acne previously....i just hope it will fake by the day... i do notice the change in my skin as well after i had salicylic acid in my regimen....my black heads and white heads seems to reduce.... meanwhile i will still stick to my regimen since it is working....
  15. yah my advice would be.....if its not v v severe cases and if u do have other alternative..skip this drug...maybe now u wont have any side effects...10 yrs down the road u discover issues with liver etc...and its not worth the risk... no doubt some peopl react well to it..some had bad experiences.... i was only on 5mg and was on the road to clear skin....but on my 8th month...my hair drop drastically.... soo...i assume i wasnt good enough for accutane and took myself off the course..im not co