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  1. I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream at night, and I can tell you that it is the most moisturizing thing I've ever tried. I only recommend using it at night though because it leaves you a little bit shiny. A lot more people break out from Cetaphil Lotion than from the Cream as far as I'm concerned. Regards, Akashic
  2. Hello everyone, I'm on day 30 of my Accutane course and so far I'm quite pleased with the results. Although I'm still not clear my face is A LOT smoother and everything seems to be healing. Other than redness and chapped lips, I'm not really experiencing bad side effects. I walk to and from school 3 times a day, each time being a 10 minute walk (About 30 minutes of sun basically). It's getting quite a bit warmer so I'm wondering if I should start wearing sunscreen. Currently I put on Aveeno Ul
  3. Hello, I recommend Aveno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I use this whenever I know I'll be out in the sun (Complex 15 when I'll be mostly inside) and it works great. Regards, Akashic
  4. Hello, I started Accutane 14 days ago and was initially scared of an initial break out. Well let me tell you that not only did I not get a breakout but I'm virtually clear right now. I stopped having any new spots after the 5th day or so and the ones I had are almost healed. I'm quite sure that most people have IB's but not all of them. Regards, Akashic
  5. Protein shakes break me out too, so I rely on the following foods to get enough protein: -Eggs -Chicken -Turkey -Salmon -Tuna
  6. Apples are one of few foods that have the highest fructose:glucose (fructose being the higher) ratio of any food. Just to let you know. ;-) oh god damnit ;/ ok can u do me a favour could u name me basically what you eat weekly and what food/things to avoid.... im beginning taurine too so i can give my liver a chance to heal Just lay low on the fruits at the start of your diet, right now I just eat one fruit a day and eat a ton of vegetables.
  7. Hello all, I have recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism by my Naturopathic doctor because of low basal temperature readings. I took my temperature first thing in the morning for three consecutive days and the temperatures ranged from 95.5 to 96.5 degrees Fahrenheit. I did some research and it did confirm my doctor's diagnosis since many reputable websites state that a low basal temperature may be even more accurate than blood tests when checking for hypothyroidism. I was told to get a
  8. Hello all, I'll provide a bit of background information so you all know where I'm coming from. I've suffered from mild-moderate acne for about 4 years. About a year and a half ago I became clear after a few months of using the regimen. After a while I decided to stopped and the mild acne came back. It was pretty mild though so I didn't worry about it until this summer. I stopped the regimen completely for a month, and it seems that this, along with being on vacation and eating completely diffe
  9. If anyone is interested, it seems that the combination of Zinc and Vitamin C is really working. Just 4 days using them and I can already see a lot less redness and my acne really is clearing up!
  10. Hello, Im beginning the DRK again, (I stopped it for about a month and have since had a mild-moderate breakout) and this time I bought some supplements which should hopefully help me clear faster. I plan on taking 50 mg of Zinc and 1500 mg of Vitamin C daily. I eat about 20 eggs a week, each with 75 mg of Omega 3 in them, so I dont think taking fish oils is necessary. Do you guys think this will be a good addition to my regimen? Any feedback is welcome.