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  1. hmm, well im taking some intestinal flora supplements and also eating extra fiber, and i dont consume hardly any processed sugar. hopefully the acne will be gone for good. im also taking a good multivitamin. more pics tomorrow
  2. wow congrats! ya i bet with the BP it works even better, lol but im gonna try to clear my skin with no extras. ill post some day 8 pics tomorrow
  3. i wish you luck man, are you doing the nightly enemas? make sure you do, its absolutley necessary. otherwise i think ur starving urself for no reason gluck!
  4. haha, thanks for the moral support! ya i dont think its possible to clear acne in 3 days, but the idea behind the ebook is great. the only scam about it i think is the marketing aspect, hes a genius at that. but when all is said and done, i thank him because his book helped me alot, and hopefully ill continue to improve my skin. ill keep u guys updatted!
  5. dude if u wana control ur acne, u cant be getting "wasted' and especially throwin up. throwing up is horrible for ur acne. i would keep the drinking to weekends, and just get tipsy, dont get wasted. also, lay off the accutane man, drugs are bad for you. all u need to do is clean up ur body... clear skin starts inside u. i did the 3 day apple fast and my skin is clearing up so fast its insane. checkout my log: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Testing-t...ll-t168950.html i swear dont take
  6. Day 6 pics, my skin CONTINUES to improve!!! the bumps i had on my cheecks are almost gone, and the redness is basically gone, and no new pimples Note: i wash my skin with water 2-3 times a day and nothing more. i use no moistureizers or cleansers i want my skin to be 100% natural. my family has a history of oily skin, but also beautiful soft clear skin. im the only one with acne i have tried a variety of cleansers but they were all too harsh for my skin, and the ones that were not har
  7. hey man thanks for the good wishes and stuff, your acne looks just like mine, except i have more angry bumps lol. eh accutane, my girlfriends dad is a pathologist or something like that, anyway he keeps trying to prescribe me accutane but i told him hell no because of the side effects... i wouldnt recommend it bud, even though theres alot of ppl with success with accutane, a friend of mine Diyani ended up in the hospital because of liver damage or something like that. On top of that, the acn
  8. DAY 4 pics!! no new cysts, and redness is gonig away, and i feel great! my skin isnt oily at all. i hope everything clears up this week. nobody has even replied with support its not easy to do the apple fast... it was the hardest thing ive ever done
  9. i think masturbation does cause breakouts. i think sex does not. the 2 are completely different. masturbation causes unnatural stress and tension in your body, while sex is more relaxed and causes a differnt type of tension which is natural. sex is very healthy, so i dont think anyone should limit sex. i think it helps clear my skin a little because i feel better about myself after sex, and positive thinking goes a long way. any thoughts?
  10. omg, who said avocados taste bad? they are the best tasting fruit since hot pockets. i fing love avocados, im latin american, and we swear by them in our countries.
  11. Hi everyone, im new here, and ive had acne for about 5 years now. when i was 15 i used to use proactive for around 2 years and it worked fine, but i would still get occasional cysts. after that my doctor prescribed some drugs which worked very very well, BUT they made me feel so nautious, and i took those pills for about 1 year... you can see the bottle in the pic i took, my skin looked OK! Heres a pic... man i looked sexy lol... but you can still see that my skin was not perfect I stopp