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  1. It's just that the skincare industrie wants us to believe oil is bad for our face, while its not. some oils are even superior to benzoyl peroxide without clogging pores. It's just alot of them DO clog pores. You'll have to find the good ones like jojoba oil
  2. Wonderful at clearing up acne but I just can't make it work

    it won't stop peeling me which is IMO even worse than the acne (sometimes) because people have acne all the time but I never see someone with alot of flakes on their skin
  3. no not for me, the jojoba oil leaves it hydrated and it doesn't dry out during the day even when I don't use anything
  4. @stay_awesome4everI apply it after I apply my benzoyl peroxide (as a moisturizer). I only apply benzoyl peroxide once every other day at night (followed by jojobaoil over my entire face). I don't apply ANYTHING during the day because my face doesn't flake. I saw reduced oil production and improvement in skin after just 1 night of using jojoba oil. I didn't have any breakouts but I noticed I got a pimple or 2 on my neck but I'm not sure if thats because of the jojoba oil. If you have any more que
  5. Hello Jojoba oil as a nightly moisturizer has fixed my oily skin! This has made my skin completely matte during the day. Some info on how I used it: Time of day I used it: night time as moisturizer. Amount I used: ALOT, made my face shiny(but was during the night so didn't bother me). Brand I used: Yari 100% Natural Jojoba Oil 250 ml If you have any questions feel free to pm me and I'll respond asap!
  6. First of all: I can confirm using jojoba oil as a moisturizer can regulate sebum production. I've had the most oily skin ever since I began using BP. You could literally wipe the oil of my face and it was shiny as hell. after using jojoba oil for just one day as nightly moisturizer my face looked very matte (through the entire day!) I've been using the regime for about a week now (I use it only every other day) and I've decided to completely replace my moisturizer with jojoba oil. I used it
  7. Does anyone know if this product is any good? Looks very promising and cheap. + I can get it in my local store so that would come in really handy. Thank you in advance! Important note: I have mild - moderate acne. Small pimples on my face most of the time. Occasionally a big one. Product: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/287690791 Ingredients: Aqua / Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Decyl Glucoside, Glycerin, Coco-Betaine, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Mentha Piperita
  8. Hello, I've noticed that when I use this product (http://www.sanex.co.uk/sanex-dermo-sensitive) I got a pimple the next day. I'm on the water only regime right now but I made a 1 day exception to remove excess dead skin on my face. I've found out that it contains pore clogging ingredients (source: https://facerealityacneclinic.com/acne-information/pore-clogging-ingredients/ and http://www.caryskincare.com/acnecomedogeniclist.html) 1. Sodium Laureth Sulfate 2. SODIUM CHLORIDE 3.
  9. At fist it seemed to work..

    At fist it seemed to work but eventually it was just a "grace" period(lasted 7 days) where I was going true (a period where the skin is still recovering from the BP and after that I got one of the worst breakouts I've ever had. I couldn't look in the mirror. I have started benzoyl peroxide again and will probably stay with that. MIRACLE PRODUCT!
  10. Hello, https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/eucerin-redness-relief-soothing-skin-cleanser-gel/ID=prod1336699-product?reactjs=true This product will most likely work for a certain degree. (speaking of experience) Greetings
  11. Solution: https://www.acne.org/eucerin-replenishing-face-cream-5-urea-reviews-11624/ Use this exactly like you would use any other moisturizer (but be consistent). Use after BP.
  12. Great to use with BP

    If you suffer from flakey skin while on the regime or just want a REALLY intense moisturizer go for this! On a sidenote: I can't recommend it because too much urea on your face will make it VERY red. Which happend to me. I didn't even use that much and only used it once a day. I was so happy I finally found a product that would keep me clear of flakes until I noited it was making me look like a clown. I have decided to just stop the regime here and go and try to live with my acne.
  13. I've tried alot of treatmenys before but all of them resulted in flaking skin which is even more annoying than acne. Is there any treatment that doesn't overdry / make your skin flakey? ( I have mild acne 5 - 7 pimples with no scarring spots just hypigmentation) What I've tried so far: Glycolic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Zinc I would really appriciate any response because my acne is making me terribly depressed and I don't know how long I can keep going on like this...
  14. I just came here to say the acne.org regime has failed for me, not because it didn't clear my acne (It completely cleared that up), but because it causes this ANNOYING FUCKING PEELING which can ONLY be delayed with a moisturizer. And to make ALL the flaking go away I need to put on so much that my skin will look like a fucking swimming pool all day long. I even did the regime only once a day and still it didn't stop that annoying peeling and my skin was too shiny to live with after moisturizing.
  15. I'm using it but only at half power.(one time /day at night) For me it is working. It had cleared up my skin after 3 - 4 'days but the BP left too much peeling so I'm considering other options right now
  16. I'd detinitely try something else. If the BP hasn't cleared you up (if applied 2 times /day) then it will MOST LIKELY not help you.
  17. Hello, I think I've found why my face was still peeling after week 4, it looks like my moisturizer (Proactiv green tea moisturizer) just sits on my face instead of soaking in. I think the Dan's BP product is blocking it somehow or heavily reducing the amount that gets through. I really don't wanna use the acne.org moisturizer because I've read alot of recent bad reviews. So can I just apply the moisturizer first? How long should I wait after applying it and then applying the BP? Any help i
  18. Hello, I've been using the treatment alot but even after 5 - 6 weeks my skin is still very flakey and I don't think replacing 1 skin problem with another is the way to go. My question here is if benzoyl peroxide would also (partially?) work if I just apply it for +- 3 hours everyday and then rinse it off and moisturize? for the few days I've tried this it has fixed all the flakeyness and my face looks so much better now. Anyone that can give me some more insight about this? I don't want to gi
  19. Hello, My skin seems to be very prone to the acne.org regimen, I've followed it exactly as directed for about 4 weeks now but I keep waking up to flakey skin and sometimes the dead skin cells come up to the surface during the day which is REALLY annoying. Would the Benzoyl peroxide still work if I let it soak in for about 15 minutes (or more?) and then rinse it off so it doesnt cause any flakeyness (otherwise it stays on for atleast 9 hours, my skin doesnt seems to handle that well) Edit: