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Wonderful at clearing up acne but I just can't make it work
it won't stop peeling me which is IMO even worse than the acne (sometimes) because people have acne all the time but I never see someone with alot of flakes on their skin

By VogueWitness,

Decent, but expensive and not effective enough
Works pretty good but not strong enough to keep the flakey skin away that BP causes

By VogueWitness,

At fist it seemed to work..
At fist it seemed to work but eventually it was just a "grace" period(lasted 7 days) where I was going true (a period where the skin is still recovering from the BP and after that I got one of the worst breakouts I've ever had. I couldn't look in the mirror. I have started benzoyl peroxide again and will probably stay with that. MIRACLE PRODUCT!

By VogueWitness,

Great to use with BP
If you suffer from flakey skin while on the regime or just want a REALLY intense moisturizer go for this! On a sidenote: I can't recommend it because too much urea on your face will make it VERY red. Which happend to me. I didn't even use that much and only used it once a day. I was so happy I finally found a product that would keep me clear of flakes until I noited it was making me look like a clown. I have decided to just stop the regime here and go and try to live with my acne.

By VogueWitness,