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  1. Thanks for the reply, I tried 4 doctors yesterday and none of them do cross method, but yeah I agree I need a derm, hopefully, I can save up to see someone. I've read the acid peel guide I'm just waiting on my MUAC order to come in, I'll continue to watch the vids as well. I can maybe buy a derminator in the next few weeks. I have some tretinoin but it was too harsh on my face, I'll try your method and see if thats a bit better. Again, thanks for the info.
  2. Ok, so I tried to find someone in my area that does TCA and no one does, they all want to use lasers instead which is not what I think I need. I ordered the 30% TCA from MUAC and but will that strength be sufficient for my scars.I'll insert a few pics. Also, do I leave the TCA in after it frost or do I neutralize after a few minutes? Will it even frost with that low of a strength?
  3. Thanks for so much info, trust me I'm scared to even try it but I've become desperate. I may try getting 35% first and see what happens. I'm new to this site kinda, so I haven't read up on most of the info here and I'll hold off on doing it until I go through everything on this site first.
  4. I understand, and trust me, if I could afford to see a doctor I would. I'm really not talking about using my face-mask like the one I have on, just wondering if there are any sort of topicals, similar to the mask which would protect the surrounding skin?
  5. I have TERRIBLE ice pick scars. I've tried rolling them, various creams, stamping but these are just not going away. Its been 10 years now. So I broke down and bought 70% TCA and some toothpicks as well as some copper peptide serum on Amazon. Now I've read plenty of literature, reviews, etc. watched loads of videos but I still see people mentioning that icepicks can get wider after TCA Cross or the nearby skin can get damaged, which made me think about when I put on a green mask(mint julep mask)