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  1. But you're talking about girls. It's not so easy for man. It's completely different. For women getting sex or boyfriends it's so easy, you can pick anybody and unless you are hideous, really really ugly you will get tons of nice guys to date you. We man know that it's not even close the same for us. But for you it's a good lesson. If she can get two you can get two too. It's not difficult for women, really. Nowadays women are much more demanding in the looks departament when it comes to dates
  2. Yes, finally the truth. I will wash WITH WATER more my skin. I will try to see if i can reach a my steady state of sebum. Good work man, destroying the old myths!
  3. Hey. I'm part of the club too. All my life i've been alone. When i was 12 to 15 maybe i had some mates to play children things or talk between classes. Nothing special by the way. 15 to 22 (now) i don't have any friends at all. People dont like me because of my political views, and because i'm so damn ugly. My body is ridiculous and my skin.. do i have to tell you? It's DISGUSTING no one want to be around of such an ugly person, in an environment (college) that only have people with beautiful
  4. They notive every single scar and pimple you have. Then, after they see that, you become invisible to them.
  5. I can sometimes as well, but for the most part its just a daily struggle - the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think of before going to sleep. Truth, truth, truth. I'm consumed by this disease. My sexual, affective, love life goes with tied hands with acne. My life was destroyed because of Acne. And no damn dermatologist seem to believe that, when they TELL YOU TO WAIT for other medicines or wait to damn 2 months to have another consult. Acne is definately the o
  6. I internally loathe "pretty" people. A lot of them don't appreciate what they have and in turn become very superficial and vain, Exactly, that's how i think too. Pretty people has everything too easy. And they always have a disordered mind. I mean, they have so much of themselves, they have so much privileges in life because they pretty, they can have anyone they want, the receive "free love" just to put a toe in the street that they became horrible persons. That's the truth
  7. "I am absolutely sick and tired of this crap now!! I've just lost any hope of it ever going away!! When my skin clears up and looks good, it'll turn ugly again and its making me feel really depressed of lately." Yes, exactly. When you becoming happy, acne comes back again with full force RIPPING of all your happiness and joy
  8. Yes. I lost almost ALL parties of university. IT's just 1 month and a half for me to graduate and i have NOT LIVED the so called "best years of a life". Never lost classes because of acne, but it did make me more stressed and ashamed. Acne ruined my life man. I said RUINED. And these days will not come back. Girls spit on me. I'm THE ONLY ONE with acne at uni.
  9. Good question. Provided that vitamins are processed everyday, the results may appear in weeks i guess.
  10. There's nothing wrong with eggs, really. You should be worried with milk. Milk is the source, is the target. Eliminate this i see your skin improving. But of course you need more but that's an important step
  11. THe "dont have a normal-life" diet is on...