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  1. i dont scar or have less of a scar if i pop it then when i leave it alone. but i think it depends on your skin and knowing your skin.
  2. some cyst do not come to a head. usually the really round ones. if theres puss/blood inside it NEEDS to be drain. or it wont heal cuz of all the fluid inside. and either way its going to leave a scar. depending on your skin and knowing your skin. if it was me i would pop it cuz i know my skin and cysts. if your afraid to pop it on your own then you should go to a derm and let them drain it. its likely gonna stay on your face for a very very long time if you dont drain it. and as time goes by it
  3. orange peel as in the fruit orange you eat and just use the peel and ground it? what do you use to grind the orange peel? and what kind of honey do you use or recommend? also for the vinegar as a face wash. do you mix it then use a cotton ball or something and wipe your face? or do you just pour ACV and water in a sink and just splash your face? thanks!
  4. chances are, if its already growing i dont think theres any way to stop it since its already growing and forming blood/puss in the inside. unless its not a cyst and doesnt have puss/blood in it. but if its a cyst and has blood/puss in it. i dont think it will go away till its drained.
  5. its already turning purple black witch means it will likely leave a mark. and yes you should pop it since puss/blood is already coming out. make sure you pop it right and make sure you get the "core" out its a lil harden pieace of puss you should know when it comes out. if not puss will keep forming everyday for weeks. but thats just me, most people will say dont touch or pop it. but if you dont pop it the puss will just remain inside and will not heal till theres no more puss/blood.
  6. i did that like 5 weeks ago and left an indented scar. i freaked out of course, but it hurt so much that i felt like i had to do something. won't be doing it again though. i only have 2 small cysts now and will just let them be. someone should post detailed instuctions on what kinds of pimples are safe to pop ill give this a shot, well from my personal experience atleast. i truely believe if your pimple/cyst has fluid in it, it MUST be pop. since there is fluid in it it has to come out
  7. i get scars whether i pop them or not. but i find it that when i pop them the scars heal faster. but i pretty much pop all my cyst's. i guess my skin heals fast. i had my biggest cyst a few months ago. i couldnt take it no more so i played with it and squeeze the living crap out of it and puss came out. but left a horrible big red/black mark on my chin and within 3 days it healed and it looked like it was never there.
  8. i been doing the water only method for 4 months. works better to me than any other products i used before.
  9. its over now....like i said before the the hard pieace of puss witch was the core came out now it cant make anymore puss so now the healing begins...congrads man!
  10. there is always puss inside is because you have not fully pop everything out yet. if you dont squeeze everything out puss will keep coming back. give it a nice hard squeeze and if like a lil hard yellow thing comes out(like a puss harden in a size of a rice but smaller or pretty much a blackhead but yellowish) then you know you squeeze everything out. because you have squeeze the main core out once thats gone it will stop forming puss. so if you decide to play with it make sure you do it right
  11. when i have a cyst. most of the time theres pus and blood in it. and no matter what it always leave some kind of mark, even tho i dont touch it, it will still have a black mark. but since almost all my cyst have blood and pus in it, i have no choice but squeeze it, yeah i know they say dont mess with it, but i know what im doing. even if theres no head to it and when i feel it and its soft and mooshie like theres liquid it in, i squeeze it really hard to pop it and it works. and it will leave a
  12. the only foreign people that i think that does not have acne. are peoples that lives away from the cities. the ones that lives in the forrest,mountains places like that. and usually that means poor area's. and i think they dont have acne people there away from the city so that air is more clean and fresh. and there diets are really strict, because there poor and can only eat what they grow. also eating what they only grow are organic and really fresh and healthy, unlike our society we have fast
  13. neosporin kinda reduces redness...it also good to bring up a white tip in pimples
  14. if you've been taking the pills before and notice no affect then i dont think you should take them again. but if there free y not? but if i had to pay for them i wouldnt. sometimes doctors are wrong. just cuz there a doctor dont mean they know it all. they just know more than u, and at times they use us as experiments giving us different kind of pills and products thats y there no such thing as one solution to solve all acne's..if you know what im talking about. acne is different for everyone so
  15. im glad things are working out for u! i once took some kind of antibiotic pills that the doc gave me but it didnt make any difference. then i was like F it. i decided to use water only method and its been working and i was clear for about 4 months then lasted week right when i got back from tx i had a huge cyst on my bottom chin, i got mad and poped it, left me a big red mark but after 2 days it healed and now its looking good. to me, the best way is to use natural medicines and not prescription