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  1. About 20-30 minutes(not including a shower since usually I shower in the evening). This includes brushing teeth, regimen, anything to do with hair, small amount of makeup, and any other miscellaneous things. Not too bad. But for a big event I'll take longer in primping and such.
  2. -Flawless skin(basically no acne and/or red marks) -Even though I am far from the perfect nose(it looks sorta like a beak because I don't have a ski-slope nose) I wouldn't have anything done, but get rid of the redness in the corners of the nostrils. I think the nose gives me a bit of character and connects me to my family. -Hair cut so that I have layers and maybe side bangs(I haven't had the guts so far yet though -be a little more athletic so that my muscles are more toned and my stomach a li
  3. Very interesting. I took my first one yesterday since I heard that it's in general good for the body so I really hope to see results from this. I don't know if it is just what I have(from Trader Joe's), but the pills are huge. But they go down easily enough.
  4. I've been wanting to try ACV as well. It seems like there aren't any bad side effects for the skin even if it doesn't end up to do much.
  5. MichelleK

    My Hopeful Success

    My new regimen and hopefully success eventually.
  6. Most is on my forehead and tends to be near my eyebrows. Occasionally I get a few on the cheek area near the nose or on my chin. Bleh
  7. I actually tried to look for whatever zits they supposedly had and I was disappointed to see that the video quality wasn't good enough to pick their acne up. I think the people selected these girls should have chosen at least one girl that had at least moderate acne or maybe even somewhat severe acne because then if the product did have an effect it would probably be more obvious.