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  1. I've been on Bactrim since January and its been great. Occasionally it gives me an upset stomach but, as bad as this may sound, I'd rather get sick once in a while than have acne.
  2. Bactrim twice a day is a lifesaver. After minocylcline stopped working, I needed another antibiotic in my regimen (especially with the stress of applying to colleges!) and Bactrim was a godsend. I stopped breaking out a week after taking it and my skin looks great. Also, I haven't suffered from many of the scary side effects some people report.
  3. To be honest I didn't have an initial breakout, probably due to the fact that I was also using topical and oral antibiotics. I think the tazoracs full results were visible after 2 months or so, though my skin continues to improve (I'm on my fourth month). The only thing I would really say to expect is slight peeling, but NOTHING severe. Also, use sunscreen!!! You can get wicked sunburns while on tazorac.
  4. Good luck and don't worry about Tazorac. I'm on the .1% version and I suffered very little burning, redness, and peeling. It worked extremely well too.
  5. I have been on Tazorac, Minocycline, and Evoclin for three months. I am now completely clear. Is it all right for me to start using the tazorac every other night as maintenance since I am no longer treating active acne? Thanks!
  6. My brother has been on doxycycline for nearly two years now and his skin has stayed perfectly clear. I wonder what will happen though if he plans to discontinue it... Minocycline and Tazorac cleared up my body acne in 3 months.
  7. After 3 months on minocycline, tazorac, and evoclin (clindamycin foam) these are my results. I don't really have any before pictures, but my skin looks pretty flawless (in my opinion!). Im the guy on top. Going to see a dermatologist was the best decision I ever made. This is the clearest my skin has been in over 5 years.
  8. It might be keratosis pilaris.
  9. I'm on a similar regimen. I'm on Evoclin (topical antibiotic), Tazorac, and Minocycline. I've been on it for 2 months and it has been AMAZING! My skin looks great. I really saw great improvement after the first month. Good luck.
  10. Tazorac and sunscreen faded my red marks extremely quickly. From everything I've read, the sun darkens redmarks so wear sunscreen would be my advice. I like Neutrogena ultra sheer spf 30.
  11. Your face looks chalky because of the titanium and zinc dioxide. They are physical sun blockers and often produce a white/chalky effect.
  12. I have to say that I'm pretty disgusted by the idea of such conspiracies. I know numerous doctors and medical researchers (From Merck to small private companies) and these are people that truly care about their jobs. It's almost hurtful to think that these people spend their lives working to help others yet people think that they will stifle a cure so they can make some cash. Yes, this is a capitalist society, but goddamnit if doctors and researchers find a cure for anything (From acne to can
  13. I have extremely fair skin so I'm pretty psycho when it comes to sunscreen. For my face and neck I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30. It gives great protection and man, when they say ultrasheer, they mean it. It really feels like you're not wearing any sunscreen, but I only use it for my face and neck since it is pricey. For everywhere else I used Coppertone Ultrasheer Sunscreen SPF 45. Its not as sheer as the neutrogena, but it works great (I didn't suffer sunburns during Califo
  14. Most doctors will tell you that you need to be on a retinoid for 3 months to see the full results so I would suggest that you stay with your regimen. Also, duac has BP on it so I don't think that switching to Dan's BP would help unless you're suffering from a lot of irritation. So yeah, I hate to say it (Since I'm on a similar regimen thats often times hard to deal with) but I think you need to stick it out and at the 3 month mark if you aren't clear, go back to your derm and you guys will
  15. Salicylic acid was the best OTC I ever used but it didn't clean out my pores as well as prescriptions.