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    I play soccer, tennis & I love to run!
  1. AWW you have the cutest picture ever

    haha sorry I had to say that

  2. Haha nah I do that all the time too

    I'm going on it in about a month

  3. Yeah I'm not too worried about the side effects I guess..

    it's worth it for clear skin hah

  4. Ohhh

    what have your side effects been like?

  5. For everyone out there who uses Aloe Vera.. what brand do you use? I went to an organic grocery store yesterday and picked up 'Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera gelly' has anyone used this? I'm hoping it wont make me break out
  6. Okay so I was prescribed Accutane (mild to moderate acne) and I'm excited to have clear skin but two things are scaring me.. Hairloss and the initial breakout What is everyones experience with these issues Is it true that if you have milder acne the initial breakout will be less severe?
  7. My scars have faded! it's about time.. some of these I've had for at least a year I don't know what made them fade.. I've been using Aqua Glycolic face wash & cream (for about a month) but it didn't really seem to be helping maybe it's the jojoba oil? I really don't know.. but all of a sudden my scars/redness seems to have faded A TON I'm really glad though b/c I'm about to start Accutane & I'm pretty sure scar treatments wouldn't be a good idea..
  8. Well someone told me that once but I seriously don't see it

  9. Woah that's a long time

    are you on a low dosage or something?

  10. Aww thanks yours does too!

    How many months have you been on tane?

  11. I've always been wondering about scars after Accutane Are there less red marks as opposed to a different form of treatment? Also, can older red marks fade because of Accutane? Any information/personal experience would be greatly appreciated
  12. Yeah, I bought the whole set and I'm seeing some really good results with my red marks & pore size