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  1. I've used Jojoba, Sweet Almond & Emu Oil and unfortunately broke out each time. Last option left is rosehip oil *fingers crossed*.
  2. Okay, so your scars look slightly indented but not very pigmented. Have you thought about going on retinoids? Its thickens the dermis and lessens the apperance of scars, pretty sure it increases collagen levels too, so I think it would be ideal for your skin, but always start with the lowest percentage (0.01%/0.025%) and see how you go. Other than that your best bet would be trying some low percentage glycolic/lactic acid peels then slowly increasing the percentage if you get any results.
  3. You can take it off with water, all the bi-carb soda does is neutralize the pH of the glycolic acid faster. I do 60% peels and I use water, but if you really want to play it safe then use the bi-carb!
  4. You can't just erase pigment spots like that. Moisturisers and exfoliants are two components to help you speed up the process. I used a glycolic acid peel (35% and increased to 60% once my skin grew immune to it) and prevent further spots/acne from developing with a medicated system. For that I use phisohex cleanser, dermalogica intensive moisture balance as a moisturiser during the day and dermalogica medicated overnight clearing gel (contains 2% Salicylic Acid and other ingredients to slow o
  5. Argh, so frustrated at the moment. Mostly because my hyperpigmentation is back (brown spots) plus my skin is SUPER dry and crusty looking once I put mineral makeup on. I've been using bio oil every second night and mama lotion every other night, but its causing my skin to flake and looking all yucky. I can actually differentiate between the different flakes, but have to resist peeling them off, plus I have work + school nearly everyday so I can't take any drastic measures such as strong glycolic
  6. Your joking right. Most hyperpigmentation and red marks are CAUSED by BP.
  7. Question: out off all the above, which requires the least amount of purging on the skin? Not all of them make your skin purge, and it depends what you need it for be it pigmentation/acne problems. If its both I'd go with mama lotion or a lactic acid peel.
  8. Your pores looked really clogged, so maybe some mild retinoids could help with unclogging your pores, pushing all the gunk to the surface and maybe even fading some of that hyperpigmentation. When I tried a glycolic peel from DiannaYvonne 35% my face literally scabbed up. It looked like I had my face cut open and the wounds were scabbing up and healing, they were brown, thick and crusty. I couldn't go out and was extremely depressed, but when they fell off their was not ONE scar/trace of hyper
  9. Their are ALOT of threads in regards to this topic but so I suggest you search some of them, your actual condition is just inflammatory acne subsiding and the remnants being hyperpigmentation but I will suggest some products that have faded my brown marks. Their was always little red/pinkish spots when the brown marks faded indicating that the inflammatory acne was still there. Anywho, here's a list of products to try, that aren't TOO pricey. Mama Lotion - Basically contains 10% Malic Acid, 10
  10. Skin lighteners (kojic acid, hydroquinone) aren't specifically made to get rid of red marks, mainly just to fade the superficial brown pigmentation left after the acne subsides. I used these lighteners and was left with pinkish/red marks after the pigmentation faded away. Chemical peels are okay, just depends which ones you use. The 35% Fruit Acid Gel from diannayvonne.com is what I used (glycolic acid, puryvic acids and some other AHA's) and which was quite mild a peel for my sensitive skin.
  11. So just add a pea sized amount of this stuff on the red marks is what your saying? Hmm, my red marks take a bit longer to heal, but I guess everyone's healing process varies. Green cream is pretty awesome when it comes to increasing cell turnover and cell regeneration, so that does the job for me + Super Cop from skinbiology which is supposed to increase proteoglycans in the skin which = true moisturisation. Anywho thanks for the help.
  12. I've been using this lately and my red marks are slowly fading, though there is not much of a significance in what works better in comparison to my regular products. Sorry if you have answered this but I can't be bothered reading all the posts so MG86 what was the severity of your red marks and how fast did they disappear? I'm hoping for mine to completely go seeing as they are very faint now
  13. I bought a microdermabrasion kit from skindoctors which came with a peel - that didn't help at all.
  14. Stop using the BP. The brown marks are the byproduct of the benzoyl peroxide and I had this too. Those type of brown marks won't go away quickly, because the benzoyl peroxide slows down the healing. I used hydroquinone, tretinoin/green cream, kogic acid and a mild hydrocortisone to get rid of them.
  15. Oh damn you guys! After I read this post I went ahead and bought the mineral mousse foundation, full bottle of emu oil and about a gazillion finishing powders/loose powders and blew lots of $$. Hope they are as good as they sound
  16. Try ebay and yeah it is expensive unfortunately. Anything it takes to improve my skin though
  17. Yeah, it is quite expensive but slamming her just like that is uncalled for.
  18. Yes, it would be quite effective for combatting red marks/pigmentation if thats what your after.
  19. It is a type of alpha hydroxy acid, it's a fair bit milder than glycolic acid though. It sure does help with red marks You can find an excellent product that contains mandelic acid here.
  20. Hi, I was wondering if the fraxel laser works well on brown spots that aren't indented or ice-pick scars. My scars are just dark brown scars, and my skin is quite smooth to touch but just has some discoloration coming from the scars. The scars aren't every deep but are still quite obvious. The texture of my skin is quite dry, and quite course. Please help me, thankyou