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  1. elizaleona

    Nice solid products

    Nice solid products

    Disclaimer- I didn't do the whole Obagi skin care system. However, the Obagi products I used were good quality and gentle. Yes, they're pricier than drugstore products but without a good skin care base to work from, skin problems can't effectively be treated. The cleanser was great- not drying but it washed my oily skin well. The toner was the same way- didn't make my skin feel tight but rather refreshed without being oily. The matte sunscreen was good, as I didn't have to worry about it breakin
  2. Unfortunately for us, a good number of acne treatments make the situation a little worse before it gets better. This would seem to be the case with you. I would stick it out- five days isn’t very long time to make a final decision about a long trusted and often used acne medication (benzoyl peroxide). My first thought was that you should be sure you’re adequately moisturizing your skin while using bp AND that what you’re moisturizing your skin with won’t cause new acne. You want to look for no
  3. elizaleona

    Generally a good call

    Generally a good call

    Castor oil is known to have both anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties, so it's definitely worth a try (as long as you get a good quality oil, not the grocery store brand). For those who oil cleanse, castor oil is immensely popular. It has a low comedogenic rating, but please don't take this to mean that it will absolutely not cause pimples: I've used castor oil a decent number of times on my face, both alone and mixed with a thinner oil, and never had any related skin/pore issues unti
  4. While there isn’t much good evidence for masturbation causing acne, there are some who think that excessive masturbation can contribute to the acne problem. When a male is aroused, his testosterone increases, and we know that hormonal levels can certainly exacerbate acne. In addition, there’s a possibility that zinc deficiency can have something to do with acne, and when a man ejaculates, he loses around 0.56 mgs of zinc through his semen output. So even though excessive masturbation probably is
  5. elizaleona

    A nice addition

    A nice addition

    I only use sea salt dissolved in water a couple times a week and sometimes follow the application with moisturizer, depending on how my skin feels, but I believe the sea salt helps with my existing pimples and also tempers upcoming acne. It's such an easy-peasy thing to try that while it hasn't vanished my acne, it was definitely worth a shot. Contrary to my expectations sea saltwater didn't sting/burn, made my face horribly red, or make my skin unbearably dry. Just one more little piece in the
  6. Don't do it for your acne, do it for your overall wellbeing

    As part of a lifestyle overhaul for me, my regular aerobic exercise certainly doesn't hurt anything. I cleanse my face before and after I exercise and while I can't know that it's the exercise that is doing it, my acne has lessened a bit. It's said that exercise stimulates blood flow to the skin and helps unclog pores through sweating, both of which are beneficial. I think the greatest benefit for me is the stress management effect of exercising, which can certainly lead to fewer acne breakouts.
  7. I would suggest maybe instead of a commercial lotion try acne safe oils for moisturizing your face- I found that those were much less likely to sting or burn. I was having a short period when even the lightest, most sensitive skin friendly face moisturizer I had burned. I turned to small amounts of olive oil (I know, maybe not the best facial oil for a lot of people, but my skin was super dry and irritated so my skin drank it up and no breakout). Hemp seed, sunflower, emu, grapeseed, rosehip oil
  8. Retin A in general and including Retin A Micro, is applied to the face in a pea sized amount (for the entire face) after cleansing and really well drying your face at night. You do NOT wash it off until the next morning. In order to be effective, Retin A Micro needs to be left on the skin. Do not apply the Retin A during the day because it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun's rays and you could damage your delicate facial skin. If you're starting the Retin A for the first time, be prepare
  9. For an occasional extra clean

    I like my Clarisonic Plus for occasional cleansing at night before I use a topical overnight acne treatment. What I like about it is the mild exfoliating action inherent in using the device. I'm wary of using most physical exfoliants/scrubs if I have any active pimples (which is often), but the Clarisonic brush head doesn't irritate any existing acne nor cause any new pimples. On the other hand, I'm not sure that using the brush has made much of a dent in my breakouts, but it's hard to tell what
  10. So gentle for acneic skin

    I find this a lovely cleanser for my face. It doesn't dry out my skin like so many face washes do and it even leaves my skin feeling a bit moisturized while using certain drying acne treatments. Inexpensive, easy to find, and effective.
  11. Helps my hormonal acne

    I don't take this just for acne, but it does help keep my hormonal acne under control. I'm lucky in that I experience no negative side effects from this birth control, only positive ones. It's stopped my sometimes horrific cramps and really moderated my usually very heavy flow. I've been on other birth control pills but this particular formulation seems to do the trick as far as helping my skin.
  12. Good stuff

    Tretinoin cream works pretty well for me when I've used it. I'm fortunate not to get much peeling skin and redness from it- just some dryness, but I don't always use the the product straight up on my skin (I mix it with a bit of moisturizer if my skin already feels a bit dry). It never cured my acne completely but when I've used it I've noticed a big difference in the number and severity of my acne lesions- enough for me to really recognize the difference in my skin.
  13. Magically soothes skin

    I don't exactly use this for acne, but when I've used coconut oil on my entire face I had no new pimples. More importantly, when my skin reacted awfully to something (no idea what, and I tested everything I had put on my face), coconut oil was the only thing that helped my chapped, red, burning face. As a moisturizer it can't be beat, but as it may cause acne breakouts, start with a very small amount and see what happens before embracing the oil.
  14. An insanely good product for oily skin

    Available at most any drugstore, cheap, and a decent size tube. Sensitive skin might not like this stuff if left on for too long (or at all, maybe), but other than that, I can't think of any downsides. I use it as a mask when I remember to (which isn't enough), and my skin feels like all the excess oil has been sucked out of my pores afterwards- but without leaving my face dry or sensitive. Smells nice, too, and it's kinda fun to be all green faced for a few minutes.