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  1. I have been suffering from deep acne scars for the past threemonths i have done three setting of derma roller treatment still it does not improve my doctor suggests me to get 6 settings to fade these scars
  2. Why my face became so dull and ugly??
  3. I have fineslines under my eyes as well as having pigmentation on temple(face) and forehead and nose what treatment is best for curing these stuffs u can see in my photos clearly plz help me
  4. I had great skin until my age of 16 once i reached age of 16 i started to get pimples which lasted for 2 yrs subsequently it turned out into scars I dont know what type of scars are these and hyperpigmentation now am ugly am cornered i feel alone i cant even go anywhere i could not face outside world i wanna cure somehow plz hlp me out
  5. What type of scars are these am reallu depressed plz let me know how can i cure these am an south indian man