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  1. Hey, I was just wondering if any of you know of any good sites to order product from like cleanser, moisturizers kind of thing. I'm getting a brand from a spa I go to and I'm just curious to see what the prices are like online. If you can recommend a site that ships to Canada that be great. Thanks.
  2. I can relate I've been pretty good for the past weeks but today I got a haircut and when the hair lady showed me the back of my hair with a mirror all I saw was my scars on my neck and since all I've been doing is looking at myself and seeing every little imperfection.
  3. I doubt it, I'd go through a million gloves and it be annyoing. I'm looking for something otc can you pick it up at a drug store? Is it available in Norway only? I live right across the border in Windsor, On so I imagine we get much of the same weather, I've tried Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is that the same as the cream?
  4. Well I could probably apply during break but any other time it be a waste since every time I touch raw product I must wash my hands and after a bunch of other stuff aswell.
  5. Hey, It's starting to get really cold here and in the winter my hands always get dry and usually I can just use a simple hand lotion and there decently fine, but now I work at McDonalds(which blows incase you were wondering) and have to wash my hands like a million times since I deal with peoples food and stuff so now my hands are dry as hell and starting to crack between my fingers and it kinda hurts. I also have ezema(sp) and I've been using some hydrocortisone cream which helps with that bu
  6. ok thanks a lot. I'll try that stuff out. Luckily for me my skin behaved itself for my grad its the best its looked since my summer trip.
  7. Is the neutrogena acne wash the same stuff the poster above uses? Also how often do you use these things? I got the C&C SA it seems to have helped a bit but I've also skipped the gym a bunch this week so I haven't hit the steam room. Hopefully my skin clears up a lot for the weekend since I have grad.
  8. I notice some people with blackheads, but I'm usually up close, and I probably look for those things more than other people because I look at my face all the time.
  9. Alright, I'm gonna pick some up on my way home from the gym tonight.
  10. ic, well I'll give it a try, I'm kinda stuck buying things otc because I don't have a credit card to buy things online.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good Salicylic Acid products that you can get at a local drug store. If looking for Salicylic Acid without any other things like moisturizer or some other crap in it. Thanks
  12. Yea, when I was in Europe for 3 weeks I had pretty much no milk except for cereal once or twice(didn't have whey did have cheese and chocolate though), and my skin made a huge improvement I was pretty much clear. When I came home I started with whey and chocolate milk again and my acne came back, I've since stopped again and noticed a improvement not nearly as good as Europe though. I think my pillows may be the cause too even though I only use them 2 or 3 times max. This is a bit off topic but
  13. When I was in the UK I noticed more people with acne so I kinda felt like I fit in more, plus everyone was really nice. My face was pretty much clear by the end of my trip too even though I ate a lot of junk and chocolates which is weird.
  14. I started using Jojoba and I don't notice my face being that shiny, though it does feel kinda greasy, do you recommend using the damp cloth to take off the oil anyway?